Magic Defense (aka MDef) is the ability to defend against Magic skill attacks.

Defense is a character's (Main Character or Mercenary) ability to defend against physical attacks.

Magic Defense Increase Skill

  • Goddess: Aquatic Barrier ( to Main Character)
  • Trainee Bai Yigai: Hand Of Fortune

Magic immunity Skill

  • Monk: Holy Guard (row)
  • Marksman/ Empress: Empress' Blessing (row)
  • Goddess: Ocean Blessing (row)
  • Trainee Ching Ya: Sacred Shield (physic and magic immune, single target)
  • Trainee Bai Yigai: Hand Of Fortune (only protect non-physical attack skills)

Magic Defense Decrease Skill

  • Guangmo: Blood of asura
  • Centaur Archer: Chione's Fury
  • Folklorist: Red Riding Hood
  • Bard: Abyssal Refrain
  • Rifleman: Deadeye (passive, Column)
  • Tania: Crushing Blow