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Machine Beast

Basic Information:                             


 :Level: 80                                                                         :Attack power: 392-625 :Experience: 8536 :Metal Type :Magic skill: Princess's Order Location Edit

Region                       Neighbor Information                             Coordinates Edit

Purple Mashine Shrine            Lisbon West-Sunken Mashine Shrine               x20 y115. x36 y99. x56 y98. x90 y99

Items Dropped Edit

Items:                                        Ratio Edit

Secret Material Chest                                Very low

Enchant Box(III)                                  Very low

   Perfect Silk                                             Low

  Gold Thread                                             Very low

Platinum Ore                                              Low

   Mithril                                                     Very low

   Coal                                                       Very low

Platinum                                                   Very low

Adamantium                                              Very low

Silver Ingot                                                Very low

Pyramid Equipment Box                      Very low

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