Loot is any item that is plundered from a fallen enemy's body.


2 characters looting gold

Looting Edit

  • Bodies of killed monsters, and thus any loot they have on them, disappear after 4 turns without being looted. Lucky Loot disappears after 3 turns.
  • Left click on a fallen monster's body to loot it or press x (Search All) to loot with all available characters (characters that have >100 Action Power).
  • That enemy is typically a monster you have killed, but can even be an opposing player or player mercenary during PvP.
  • Gathering loot, or looting, is a big part of Atlantica. You will often be asked to loot items from certain monsters to complete quests.

What and Why Loot? Edit

Lots of things can be loot. The most loot item is gold, but it can be quest items, crystals, equipment boxes, and lots more.

A typical thing to do in any MMO, and Atlantica is no exception, is grinding for crafting materials to use for crafting or to sell on the market.

Search Robots Edit

Atlantica Online has search robots. These are robots that sit in the very back row (4th row) of your formation and automatically loot for you.

Bonus Monsters Edit


A bonus monster is a monster that has a + symbol over it's head. If you kill that monster while the + is active, you instantly get a reward box. The type of box you get varies with the level of the monsters killed;