Olympus Tower XVII - Sealed Sanctum (Legend)Omikuji: BadOmikuji: Little Bit Bad
Omikuji: Little Bit GoodOmikuji: Very GoodOmikuji Divination Box
Oncoming Danger (Quest)One-eyed Pirate's Treasure MapOpal
Operation OrdersOracleOracle' Papyrus
Oracle's PapyrusOracle MamakiriaOracle Recruitment (Quest)
OrbOrb (craft)Orb of Forbidden Abyss
Orb of SupremacyOrbanOrban's Secret Weapon
Ordering the Void (Quest)Ordinary Fo Tiao QuiangOriental Mushroom
OriharukonOriharukon CoreOrnate Ink Bottle
Ornate Treasure MapOsiris' AxeOsiris' Bow
Osiris' CannonOsiris' Equipment BoxOsiris' Instrument
Osiris' OrbOsiris' RifleOsiris' Shield
Osiris' SpearOsiris' StaffOsiris' Sword
Osiris' WhipOsiris EquipmentOslo
OstersundOtherworld GuideOtherworldy Box
Ou Yang FengOutfit Extraction StoneOutpost
OverdriveOverdrive (Quest)Overlord's Onslaught
Overseer AlcacatOztohuaPK
PVP Items/Buffs/Stats changing in regular FL/GCPachamamaPaganini's Piccolo
Paint Puzzle PiecePalace GatekeeperPalace of Night
PandoraPandora's BoxPandora's Shining Box
Pandora's Shinning BoxPantsPants (craft)
ParisParrotPart: Pegasus Heart
Part: Poseidon's TearParting ShotParty
PasiphaePassionate Valentine's BraceletPassionate Valentine's Earring
Passionate Valentine's NecklacePassionate Valentine's RingPassive
Pat GarrettPatchPatch 7.04
Patch File on Oct. 27Patch Notes on September 21, 2009Patch Update Oct. 22
Patch Update Of Feb. 5Patch Update On Dec. 16, 2008Patch Update of April 21
Patch Update of Feb. 18PatchesPatriot
Patriot's CofferPatriot's PistolPatriot's Precious Treasure Chest
Patriot's SaberPatriot Chain BootsPatriot Chain Gauntlets
Patriot Chain HelmPatriot LeggingsPatriot Light Armor
Patriot Recruitment (Quest)Patriotic ResolvePatrol License
Patrol License (Int)Paul MinerPeace of Mind
PearlPearl OysterPearl Ring of Assassination
Pearl Ring of CowardicePearl Ring of DestructionPearl Ring of Determination
Pearl Ring of HarmonyPearl Ring of InvincibilityPearl Ring of Life
PedroPeersPegasus' Fist
Pegasus AxePegasus BootsPegasus Bow
Pegasus CannonPegasus Chain BootsPegasus Chain Gauntlets
Pegasus Chain HelmPegasus EquipmentPegasus Equipment Box
Pegasus GauntletsPegasus GlovesPegasus Greaves
Pegasus HatPegasus Heavy ArmorPegasus Helmet
Pegasus InstrumentPegasus LancePegasus Leggings
Pegasus Light ArmorPegasus OrbPegasus Power Saw
Pegasus RiflePegasus RobePegasus Shield
Pegasus ShoesPegasus StaffPegasus Sword
Pegasus TearPegasus WhipPeppermint
Perils of AvalonPerils of Avalon UpdatePerimeter License
Personal Guard Seal Box 1Personal Guard Seal Box 2Personal Guard Seal Box 3
Personal Trade HistoryPerthPharmacist Hwang
PhilosPhnom PenhPhoenix's Axe
Phoenix's BootsPhoenix's BowPhoenix's Cannon
Phoenix's Chain BootsPhoenix's Chain GlovesPhoenix's Chain Helm
Phoenix's EquipmentPhoenix's Equipment BoxPhoenix's Feather
Phoenix's FistPhoenix's GauntletsPhoenix's Gloves
Phoenix's GreavesPhoenix's GunPhoenix's Hat
Phoenix's Heavy ArmorPhoenix's HelmetPhoenix's Instrument
Phoenix's LancePhoenix's LeggingsPhoenix's Light Armor
Phoenix's OrbPhoenix's Power SawPhoenix's Robe
Phoenix's ShieldPhoenix's ShoesPhoenix's Staff
Phoenix's SwordPhoenix's WhipPhoenix Crystal
Phoenix JewelPhoenix ScrollPhoenix Soul Crystal
Phoenix Soul JewelPiece of LetterPieces of Rug
Pien ChuehPiercing ArrowPiercing Damage
Pieria Water JarPierrePine
Pinoccio (quest)PiratePirate's Signal Shot
Pirate's Treasure BoxPirate Captain's SwordPirate King's Secret Chest
Pirate Recruitment (Quest)Pitiful KojiroPlain BBQ
PlantPlatinumPlatinum Ingot
Platinum OrePlatinum PackagePlayer
Pledge of a JanissaryPo Tian NiangniangPo Tian Niangniang's Letter
Pocahontas: Beach LoverPointryPoints
Poisoned Music SheetPoisonous ArrowPoisonous Bullet
Poisonous CannonballPoisonous FangPolish
Polluted HeartPolluted Magic Control CenterPolluted Unicorn
Polluted Worker AntPorkPortal
PorterPot of VitalityPotato
PotionsPotted Cherry BlossomPowder of Life
Powder of MuskPowder of SoulPowder of Spirit
Power SawPower Saw (craft)Power Saw Raid
Power Up License (20hrs)Powerful Golden Dumpling SoupPowerful Spirit Armor Box
Powerful Spirit Equipment BoxPowerful Spirit Weapon BoxPrague
Prankster (Quest)Precious Book BoxPrecious Brown Rice
Precious Ginkgo WoodPrecious MagnetitePrecious Mint
Precise City Guardian's CorePreemptive StrikePremium Training Supply Box
Premium Training Supply ChestPrice the Point ProcessorPriestess of Ishtar
Primal MonsoonPrimusPrince Radiant
PrincessPrincess' ContractPrincess' Order
Princess's ContractPrincess ChristinaPrincess Fausta (Quest)
Princess Hwa ManPrincess Recruitment (Quest)Prison Officer
Prison Officer's SafePrison Riot (Quest)Pristine Battlefield Artifact
ProcProctorProfessor Henry
Professor JonesProphetProphet Hecuba
Prophet Recruitment (Quest)Prophet Summon MarbleProtect
Protector EvilProtector of EvilProtector of Virgins (quest)
Proximo's Supply BoxPrunaPrussian Carp
Psychic Machine BeastPullPunisher
Punisher Frank ReadPuppeteerPure Waters (Quest)
Purgatory BoxPurificationPurification Tower Update
Purified Enchant StonePurified Enhance StonePurified Repair Stone
Purifying PathPurifying TowerPurple Crescent
PvP ChampionshipPvP Phase II updatePvP Update - Phase 1
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