Labyrinthos (Quest)Lady's HandkerchiefLady Aso
Lady KnightLady Knight's PledgeLady Knight Recruitment (Quest)
LailaLancelotLang Xiao Xiao
Lapis AxeLapis BowLapis Cannon
Lapis InstrumentLapis LanceLapis Power Saw
Lapis RifleLapis ShieldLapis Staff
Lapis SwordLapis WhipLarge Animal Bone
Large DiamondLarge Subarctic TreeLarge Temperate Tree
Large TreeLarge Tropical TreeLast Favor (Princess Hwa Man quest)
Last Favor (quest)LatusLauncher
Lea's Golden WingsLea of the PastLead Bullet
Lee Jang-SonLee Jang SunLegend of the Iron Doll (Quest)
Legendary Dragon StrikeLegendary Enhancement PatchLegendary Hero (Quest)
Legendary Viking's Spirit StoneLegendary WeaponsLegion
Legion InfoLegion PatchLegion Storage
Legion Storage Slot Expansion (Quest)Legion Storage Slot Expansion Hidden (Quest)Leif
LemonLemon, Lime and BittersLeopard
Lerna's LabyrinthLet's Go Fishing!Let's Share Drinks Someday! (quest)
Let the Spelltower Siege Begin!Lethal ConcentrationLevel 15 Melee Box
Leveling GuideLewisLi Kui
LicenseLicense (craft)License Box (IV)
Life's Song PortalLife Potion (Adv)Life Potion (I)
Life Potion (II)Life Potion (III)Life Potion (IV)
Life Potion (Low)Life Potion (Mid)Life Potion (V)
Life Potion (VI)Life PotionsLife Skill
Light SlashLight of JudgeLightning Lash
Lightning SpearLijiang Women's Village (Quest)Lijiang Women's Village (quest chain)
Lily's SoulLin MoniangLing Tong
LisaLisbonList of Monsters
Little ErisLittle GuideLivid Frank Reade
LivingstoneLogin RewardsLondon
LootLoot BoxLooting
Lorica & Manica EquipmentLorica & Manica Equipment BoxLost City (Quest)
Lost Moonlight Orb (Quest)Lost Saqqaq Tribe (Quest)Lost Volcano Valley (Quest)
Lotus MantraLove CandyLove Chocolate
Lovely Honey Jar!Lovely Pink Dragon (30 Days/No Trade)Loyal Royal Soldier
Lu MengLu XunLucifer's Rifle
Lucky CoinLucky Coin 1 (Quest)Lucky Coin 2 (Quest)
Lucky Coin 3 (Quest)Lucky Coin 4 (Quest)Lucky Coin 5 (Quest)
Lucky Coin 6 (Quest)Lucky Enhance StoneLucky Loot
Lucky Wood PieceLumberingLumberyard
Lunatic Heisha ModiLuo Gaunzhong's Gift BoxLuo Guanzhong
Luohan's WisdomLupusLv. 15 Decor Box
Lv. 15 Equipment BoxLv. 15 Helper BoxLv. 3 Helper Box
Lv 100 Helper BoxLv 110 Helper BoxLv 15 Helper Box
Lv 25 Helper BoxLv 35 Helper BoxLv 3 Helper Box
Lv 50 Decor BoxLv 50 Helper BoxLv 60 Helper Box
Lv 70 Decor BoxLv 70 Helper BoxLv 80 Decor Box
Lv 80 Equipment BoxLv 80 Helper BoxLv 90 Helper Box
LyonMARCH MADNESS: Atlantica Online Surprise EventMMORPG Package II
Ma Yun-lingMachineMachine: Ballista
Machine: Giant BallistaMachine: Search Robot VC1Machine: Siege Catapult
Machine: Small CatapultMachine (craft)Machine Beast
Machine Shrine (Quest)Mackerel PikeMadrid
Magic AttacksMagic DamageMagic Defense
Magic ParchmentMagic PenMagic Points
Magic Power Control Center PassMagic Skill LevelMagic Source
Magical Faust's Violin BoxMagical FireMagical Fire Dragon's Long Spear Box
Magical Ink BottleMagical RockMagical Sword Of Life's Song Box
Magician's TowerMagician's Tower (Quest)Magnetite
MagusMailboxMain Character
Main Character BuffsMain Character SpecializationMain Character Upgrade
MaintenanceMaintenance DayMaitreya
Majapahit Empire's TreasureMaking MoneyMakuta Drum
Male OtterMalinalliMana Burn
Mana DrainMana Potion (I)Mana Potion (II)
Mana Potion (III)Mana Potion (IV)Mana Potion (V)
Mana Potion (VI)Mana PotionsMana Recharge
Mana SealMana ShieldMana Stone
Mana Stone (craft)Mana TrapManager's Scroll
Manager's Scroll IManager's Scroll IIManager's Scroll III
Manager's Scroll IVManager's Scroll VManager's Scroll VI
Manager NimrodMancha Han Imperial FeastManchu Han Imperial Feast
MandalayMandragoraMandrake Root
Mantle of DarknessMantle of DeathMaple
Marauder's EdgeMarch 19, 2020 UpdateMarch 2016 Update
March 29 2018 PatchMarch 5, 2020 UpdateMarco Polo
MardukMargo's Ace ArchersMargo's Archers
Margo's BowmenMargo's Evil ArcherMarguerite
MarietteMarketMarksburg Castle
MarksmanMary ReadMasked Butler
Masked Chief ChamberlainMasked ServantMasquerade
Master's DisciplineMaster's Material BoxMaster Cannoneer's Ring
Master GohMaster Gunner's RingMaster Lian Hua
Master Lian Hua: SnowmanMaster Lian Hua Recruitment ScrollMaster Mage's Cane
Master Mage's RingMaster SimonMat
Material Box (I)Material Box (II)Material Box (Reg)
Material Box IMaterial Box IIMats
Mausoleum of Qin Shi HuangdiMay 31, 2018 UpdateMayapan
Meat PieMediciMedici's Deluxe Box
Medici's Gold BoxMedici's Platinum BoxMedicine
Medicine (craft)Medieval Book BoxMediocre Bait
MeditationMedium Subarctic TreeMedium Temperate Tree
Medium TreeMedium Tropical TreeMedius
Meet Jessica: The Bounty HunterMeet the Goddess of the Sea, Roro KidulMehmed II
Melancholy Velvet RoomMelee
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