EnergyEnergy of AtmosphereEnergy of Hail
Energy of SkyEnergy of WindEnhance
Enhance StoneEnhance Stone IEnhance Stone II
Enhance Stone IIIEnhance Stone IVEnhance Stone V
Enhance Stone VIEnhanced Exp Rates eventEnhanced Titanium Arrow
Enhanced Titanium BulletEnhanced Titanium CannonballEnhanced Titanium Ingot
Enhanced Titanium Music SheetEnki MagicianEnraged Beast's Soul
Enraged Empress TianmoEnriched Adamantium ArrowEnriched Adamantium Bullet
Enriched Adamantium CannonballEnriched Adamantium IngotEnriched Adamantium Music Sheet
Enriched BulletEnril MagicianEnrique Mas
Enter the Grimm WoodsEnter the Magician’s Tower updateEquipment
Equipment BoxEquipment SetEreshkigal's Oracle
Ereshkigal's PriestErikErin
EsbenEthereal Light OrbEucalyptus
Eucalyptus ForestEurystheusEva
Evanescent ScudEvasion RateEvent Items
Event NoticeEvent Treasure Chest VIEvents
Evergreen GraceEvilEvil-Slaying Arrow
Evil AcongEvil AxeEvil Boots
Evil BowEvil CannonEvil Chain Boots
Evil Chain GlovesEvil Chain HelmEvil Dragon God's Equipment Box
Evil EquipmentEvil Equipment BoxEvil Fist
Evil GauntletsEvil GlovesEvil Greaves
Evil HatEvil Heavy ArmorEvil Helmet
Evil ImprintEvil InstrumentEvil King J's ONSLAUGHT
Evil King J Feb 24 2020Evil LanceEvil Leggings
Evil Light ArmorEvil MonkEvil Orb
Evil Phoenix's Equipment BoxEvil Power SawEvil Protector's Box
Evil Protector's Secret ChestEvil RifleEvil Robe
Evil ShieldEvil ShoesEvil Sky Spirit
Evil Soul ExtractEvil Spider KingEvil Staff
Evil SwordEvil TreeEvil Whip
ExcaliburExit Game DialogExorcist
Exorcist's Summon MarbleExorcist Recruitment (Quest)Exorcist Summon Marble
Expedition ScrollExperienceExperience Book / Scroll
Experience TableExperience Table (1-120)Expert's Material Box
Expert's SoulExploration Activities (Quest)Explore Olympus Tower
Explorer Kit IIExplorer Kit IIIExplosive Cannonball
Exposing the Conspiracy II (Quest)External Patrol AreaExtra Inventory Bags
Extra Inventory LicenseEye of the Sleeping DragonFREE Lv. 130 Character!
FabricFacilityFacility Acong
Fairy and Alpaca AreaFallen MonkFame Points
Family SignetFan DancerFancy Gold Bait
FangzhangFantastic Brothers GrimmFarewell
FarmFarmingFatal Flourish
Father's Holy WaterFaust's ViolinFausta
Fausta's Hand MirrorFausta's Wedding BoxFavorites
Feast of CraftsmanshipFeast of GrowthFeast of Unity
Feast with FriendsFeastsFeather of the Oath
February 20, 2020 UpdateFebruary 23 2017 UpdateFebruary 6, 2020 Update
February 9 2017 UpdateFebruary Valentines EventFei Yue
Female OtterFieldFields of Delaware
Fierce AcongFierce Tiger StrikeFinding Amarieneju (Quest)
FinishFire BearFire Dragon's Long Spear
Fire Dragon KeyFire Dragon RingFirst Look at new mercenary; Carmilla
First Symbol of Rebirth (Quest)Fish and ChipsFishing (action)
Fishing (craft)Fishing PointsFlame Blow
Flame CannonballFlame ElementFlame Element Shard
Flame Giant WizardFlame SpearFlame Sword
Flame Trap IFlame Trap IIFlame Trap III
FlamelFlaming Music SheetFlashbang
Flora's Culture BoxFlourishing Blade of RosesFlyers
Flying BeltFolkloristFood
Food (craft)For Acknowledgment (Quest)Forbidden Abyss
Forest PrisonForest of SpiritsForest of Spirits (Quest)
ForestiaForgotten CityForgotten City Portal
Forgotten Record PileForgotten Scion's ArtifactForgotten Valley Outpost
FormationForumFountain Pen
Fountain of Life's SongFox BeadFoxfire
FoxholeFragrant SpiceFrancesco
Frank Reade's CardFree Karma KoinsFree League
Freedom Park 2018Freedom Park 2019Freezing Atmosphere
Freezing AxeFreezing Axe (skill)Freezing Battle Box
Freezing BootsFreezing BowFreezing Cannon
Freezing Chain BootsFreezing Chain GlovesFreezing Chain Helm
Freezing EquipmentFreezing Equipment BoxFreezing Fist
Freezing GauntletsFreezing GlovesFreezing Greaves
Freezing GunFreezing HatFreezing Heavy Armor
Freezing HelmetFreezing InstrumentFreezing Lance
Freezing LeggingsFreezing Light ArmorFreezing Magic Equipment Box
Freezing Melee Equipment BoxFreezing Melee Weapon BoxFreezing Orb
Freezing Power SawFreezing Ranged Equipment BoxFreezing Ranged Weapon Box
Freezing RobeFreezing ScrollFreezing Shield
Freezing ShoesFreezing StaffFreezing Sword
Freezing WhipFreydisFreyja's Necklace (Quest)
Friar SandFriendFriend Invite Dialog
Friendship BoxFriendship CandyFriendship Chocolate
Frightened PasiphaeFrozen Adlivun (Quest)Frozen Defender's Equipment Box
Frozen Destroyer's Equipment BoxFrozen Savior's Equipment BoxFrozen Soul
FuggerFurious Patriot Chain BootsFurious Patriot Chain Gauntlets
Furious Patriot Chain HelmFurious Patriot LeggingsFurious Patriot Light Armor
Furious Sea King's WrathFurnitureFurniture Store
Fury of Eight ImmortalsFusainFused Devil Stone
Fusing AgentGaiusGaius' Treasure Box
GandharvaGang's Secret Room KeyGanjang
Garden of Life's SongGardeningGarlic
Garuda's Solar WhipGate KeeperGate Keeper's Sickle
Gateway of LifeGatlingGaudi
GauntletGauntlet (craft)Gemstone Ring Box
GeneralGeneral's LootGeneral's Treasure Chest
General Gajah MadaGeneral Kshar (quest)General Recruitment (Quest)
General VardaGeneral WashingtonGeorgio
GeppettoGeraldGetting Started
Ghastly AnubisGheraGhost Bride’s Invitation
Ghost Commander's KeyGhost Conjuror GlovesGhost Conjuror Hat
Ghost Conjuror OrbGhost Conjuror Robe
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