Blue WolfBlunderbuss (No Trade)Boar
Boastful HenryBoatman's Daughter (Quest)Bomb Attack
BombardierBonus Experience LicenseBonus Points
Bonus Stat PointsBookBook: Absolute Resolve (I)
Book: Absolute Resolve (II)Book: Absolute Resolve (III)Book: Absolute Resolve (IV)
Book: Abyssal Refrain (I)Book: Abyssal Refrain (II)Book: Abyssal Refrain (III)
Book: Abyssal Refrain (IV)Book: Aftershock (I)Book: Aftershock (II)
Book: Aftershock (III)Book: Aftershock (IV)Book: Aggravated Assault (I)
Book: Aggravated Assault (II)Book: Aggravated Assault (III)Book: Aggravated Assault (IV)
Book: Agile Counter (I)Book: Agile Counter (II)Book: Agile Counter (III)
Book: Agile Counter (IV)Book: Aquatic Barrier (I)Book: Aquatic Barrier (II)
Book: Aquatic Barrier (III)Book: Aquatic Barrier (IV)Book: Arms of Atlantis (I)
Book: Arms of Atlantis (II)Book: Arms of Atlantis (III)Book: Arms of Atlantis (IV)
Book: Arrest (I)Book: Arrest (II)Book: Arrest (III)
Book: Arrest (IV)Book: Arrow Cascade (I)Book: Arrow Cascade (II)
Book: Arrow Cascade (III)Book: Arrow Cascade (IV)Book: Arrow of Curse (I)
Book: Arrow of Curse (II)Book: Arrow of Curse (III)Book: Arrow of Curse (IV)
Book: Athena's Protection (I)Book: Athena's Protection (II)Book: Athena's Protection (III)
Book: Athena's Protection (IV)Book: Awakening (I)Book: Awakening (II)
Book: Awakening (III)Book: Awakening (IV)Book: Awakening (Int)
Book: Battlefield Courage (I)Book: Battlefield Courage (II)Book: Battlefield Courage (III)
Book: Battlefield Courage (IV)Book: Beast's Soul (I)Book: Beast's Soul (II)
Book: Beast's Soul (III)Book: Beast's Soul (IV)Book: Beast Summon (Adv)
Book: Beast Summon (Beg)Book: Beast Summon (I)Book: Beast Summon (II)
Book: Beast Summon (III)Book: Beast Summon (IV)Book: Beast Summon (Int)
Book: Beating Sun (I)Book: Beating Sun (II)Book: Beating Sun (III)
Book: Beating Sun (IV)Book: Blazing Earth (Adv)Book: Blazing Earth (I)
Book: Blazing Earth (II)Book: Blazing Earth (III)Book: Blazing Earth (IV)
Book: Blessing of Life (I)Book: Blessing of Life (II)Book: Blessing of Life (III)
Book: Blessing of Life (IV)Book: Blessing of Life (Int)Book: Blitzkrieg (I)
Book: Blitzkrieg (II)Book: Blitzkrieg (III)Book: Blitzkrieg (IV)
Book: Blood Curse (I)Book: Blood Curse (II)Book: Blood Curse (III)
Book: Blood Curse (IV)Book: Blood Vendetta (I)Book: Blood Vendetta (II)
Book: Blood Vendetta (III)Book: Blood Vendetta (IV)Book: Blood Vengeance (I)
Book: Blood Vengeance (II)Book: Blood Vengeance (III)Book: Blood Vengeance (IV)
Book: Bloody Strings (I)Book: Bloody Strings (II)Book: Bloody Strings (III)
Book: Bloody Strings (IV)Book: Break Down (I)Book: Break Down (II)
Book: Break Down (III)Book: Break Down (IV)Book: Broken Arrows (I)
Book: Broken Arrows (II)Book: Broken Arrows (III)Book: Broken Arrows (IV)
Book: Broken Spear (I)Book: Broken Spear (II)Book: Broken Spear (III)
Book: Broken Spear (IV)Book: Brutal Will (I)Book: Brutal Will (II)
Book: Brutal Will (III)Book: Brutal Will (IV)Book: Brutal Will (Int)
Book: Burning Essence (I)Book: Burning Essence (II)Book: Burning Essence (III)
Book: Burning Essence (IV)Book: Burning Faith (I)Book: Burning Faith (II)
Book: Burning Faith (III)Book: Burning Faith (IV)Book: Camaraderie (I)
Book: Camaraderie (II)Book: Camaraderie (III)Book: Camaraderie (IV)
Book: Carnage (I)Book: Carnage (II)Book: Carnage (III)
Book: Carnage (IV)Book: Celestial Venom (I)Book: Celestial Venom (II)
Book: Celestial Venom (III)Book: Celestial Venom (IV)Book: Chainsaw Blade (I)
Book: Chainsaw Blade (II)Book: Chainsaw Blade (III)Book: Chainsaw Blade (IV)
Book: Chaos Edge (I)Book: Chaos Edge (II)Book: Chaos Edge (III)
Book: Chaos Edge (IV)Book: Chaos Wind (I)Book: Chaos Wind (II)
Book: Chaos Wind (III)Book: Chaos Wind (IV)Book: Chione's Fury (I)
Book: Chione's Fury (II)Book: Chione's Fury (III)Book: Chione's Fury (IV)
Book: Cleaving Blows (I)Book: Cleaving Blows (II)Book: Cleaving Blows (III)
Book: Cleaving Blows (IV)Book: Concentrate (I)Book: Concentrate (II)
Book: Concentrate (III)Book: Concentrate (IV)Book: Counterattack (I)
Book: Counterattack (II)Book: Counterattack (III)Book: Counterattack (IV)
Book: Crimson Blade (I)Book: Crimson Blade (II)Book: Crimson Blade (III)
Book: Crimson Blade (IV)Book: Crushing Blow (I)Book: Crushing Blow (II)
Book: Crushing Blow (III)Book: Crushing Blow (IV)Book: Curse of Strings (I)
Book: Curse of Strings (II)Book: Curse of Strings (III)Book: Curse of Strings (IV)
Book: Dark Legacy (I)Book: Dark Legacy (II)Book: Dark Legacy (III)
Book: Dark Legacy (IV)Book: Dark Mists (I)Book: Dark Mists (II)
Book: Dark Mists (III)Book: Dark Mists (IV)Book: Dark Seed (Beg)
Book: Dark Seed (I)Book: Dark Seed (II)Book: Dark Seed (III)
Book: Dark Seed (IV)Book: Dawn Harmony (I)Book: Dawn Harmony (II)
Book: Dawn Harmony (III)Book: Dawn Harmony (IV)Book: Deadeye (I)
Book: Deadeye (II)Book: Deadeye (III)Book: Deadeye (IV)
Book: Deadly Shot (I)Book: Deadly Shot (II)Book: Deadly Shot (III)
Book: Deadly Shot (IV)Book: Deadly Strike (I)Book: Deadly Strike (II)
Book: Deadly Strike (III)Book: Deadly Strike (IV)Book: Deep Insight (I)
Book: Deep Insight (II)Book: Deep Insight (III)Book: Deep Insight (IV)
Book: Deep Insight (Int)Book: Dell'arte (I)Book: Demeian Tactics (I)
Book: Demeian Tactics (II)Book: Demeian Tactics (III)Book: Demeian Tactics (IV)
Book: Demon's Sickle (I)Book: Demon's Sickle (II)Book: Demon's Sickle (III)
Book: Demon's Sickle (IV)Book: Demoralize (I)Book: Demoralize (II)
Book: Demoralize (III)Book: Demoralize (IV)Book: Destructive Instinct (I)
Book: Destructive Instinct (II)Book: Destructive Instinct (III)Book: Destructive Instinct (IV)
Book: Devastation Shell (I)Book: Devastation Shell (II)Book: Devastation Shell (III)
Book: Devastation Shell (IV)Book: Direct Current (I)Book: Direct Current (II)
Book: Direct Current (III)Book: Direct Current (IV)Book: Dischord (I)
Book: Dischord (II)Book: Dischord (III)Book: Dischord (IV)
Book: Divine Thunder (I)Book: Divine Thunder (II)Book: Divine Thunder (III)
Book: Divine Thunder (IV)Book: Divine Will (I)Book: Divine Will (II)
Book: Divine Will (III)Book: Divine Will (IV)Book: Dusk Elegy (I)
Book: Dusk Elegy (II)Book: Dusk Elegy (III)Book: Dusk Elegy (IV)
Book: Echo (I)Book: Echo (II)Book: Echo (III)
Book: Echo (IV)Book: Electron Field (I)Book: Electron Field (II)
Book: Electron Field (III)Book: Electron Field (IV)Book: Elegy of Reprisal (I)
Book: Elegy of Reprisal (II)Book: Elegy of Reprisal (III)Book: Elegy of Reprisal (IV)
Book: Empowered Aura (I)Book: Empowered Aura (II)Book: Empowered Aura (III)
Book: Empowered Aura (IV)Book: Empowering Control (I)Book: Empowering Control (II)
Book: Empowering Control (III)Book: Empowering Control (IV)Book: Empress' Blessing (I)
Book: Empress' Blessing (II)Book: Empress' Blessing (III)Book: Empress' Blessing (IV)
Book: Empress' Curse (I)Book: Empress' Curse (II)Book: Empress' Curse (III)
Book: Empress' Curse (IV)Book: Evanescent Scud (I)Book: Evanescent Scud (II)
Book: Evanescent Scud (III)Book: Evanescent Scud (IV)Book: Evergreen Grace (I)
Book: Evergreen Grace (II)Book: Evergreen Grace (III)Book: Evergreen Grace (IV)
Book: Family Signet (I)Book: Family Signet (II)Book: Family Signet (III)
Book: Family Signet (IV)Book: Fatal Flourish (I)Book: Flame Blow (I)
Book: Flame Blow (II)Book: Flame Blow (III)Book: Flame Blow (IV)
Book: Flame Spear (I)Book: Flame Spear (II)Book: Flame Spear (III)
Book: Flame Spear (IV)Book: Flame Sword (I)Book: Flame Sword (II)
Book: Flame Sword (III)Book: Flame Sword (IV)Book: Flame Sword (Int)
Book: Flashbang (I)Book: Flashbang (II)Book: Flashbang (III)
Book: Flashbang (IV)Book: Forest Prison (I)Book: Forest Prison (II)
Book: Forest Prison (III)Book: Forest Prison (IV)Book: Foxfire (I)
Book: Foxfire (II)Book: Foxfire (III)Book: Foxfire (IV)
Book: Freezing Atmosphere (I)Book: Freezing Atmosphere (II)Book: Freezing Atmosphere (III)
Book: Freezing Atmosphere (IV)Book: Freezing Axe (I)Book: Freezing Axe (II)
Book: Freezing Axe (III)Book: Freezing Axe (IV)Book: Gift of Prometheus (I)
Book: Gift of Prometheus (II)Book: Gift of Prometheus (III)Book: Gift of Prometheus (IV)
Book: Green Dragon's Rage (I)
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