This page discusses the most commonly used Licenses in Atlantica in detail. For a full listing of all License type items, see the License page.

There are a number of licenses in the game which add certain abilities and/or buffs. Licenses allow you to use an ability for a certain amount of time (usually a number of days); some licenses can be permanent.

Most licenses come in no-trade/no-sell or fully tradable/sellable versions. Typically, the versions purchased from the Item Mall can be traded or sold, while in-game events and quests rewards are no-trade/no-sell.

Tip: New players get a nearly complete set of licenses until the main hits level 80.


Click on the My Buff Effects button on the right hand side of the user interface, then click on the License tab to display your active licenses.

Licenses Edit

Allied Teleportation (Allied TP) Edit

An Allied Teleportation License allows you to teleport to players that are in your friends list, party, squad, guild, or nation.

Auto-Battle Edit

An Auto-Battle License lets your team of mercenaries and hero fight automatically.

Auto-Battle Upgrade Edit

If you have an active Auto-Battle License, an Auto-Battle Upgrade License lets you instantly refresh your Auto-Battle Points.

Auto Search Edit

An Auto-Search License activates a 4th row Search Robot that will loot 1 corpse per turn independently. You can have up to 3 of these active at once and they come in various forms, often dropped from in-game events.

Blessing License Edit

A Blessing License:

Bonus Experience Edit

A Bonus Experience License increases experience gained by 100%.

Extra Inventory Edit

An Extra Inventory License allows you to use an Extra Inventory Bag with 15 inventory slots below the normal Inventory.

EXP Concentration Edit

An EXP Concentration License allows you to focus all experience gained on a single character in your formation, instead of splitting experience gained among your whole team.

This license works on any character in your formation, including disabled characters (you can use this tactic to level mercenaries that would otherwise die in combat).

Health Check Edit

A Health Check License display Enemies' health.

Insignia License Edit

An Insignia License is not a license like the other licenses, but more a specialty consumable.

  • Sets the guild's insignia to a random graphic.
  • Only a Guild Leader may use this item.

Merc Room Edit

A Merc. Room License allows you to store a mercenary with its equipment.

Patrol Edit

A Patrol License enables showing enemies formation and levels.

Perimeter Edit

A Perimeter License reduces the number of reinforcements in Shadow Dungeons.

Quest EXP 2x Edit

A Quest EXP 2x License doubles experience gained from quest rewards.

Teleportation (TP) Edit

A Teleportation License allows you to instantly travel to towns, players and zones, that you have visited at least once, as well as friends and party members, via teleportation.

Warehouse Scroll Edit

A Warehouse Scroll allows you to activate one My Warehouse tabs (tabs 3 - 6) for a certain period of time.

Workload Increase Edit

A Workload Increase License increases Workload gained from winning battles by 30%.

License Packages Edit

Licenses often come in packages, or sets, of licenses.

Adventurer's Package Edit

The Adventurer's Package combines:

Platinum Package (Plat Pack) Edit

The Platinum Package combines:

Warrior's Package (WP) Edit

The Warrior's Package combines:

White Package (WP) Edit

The White Package combines:

Obsolete Edit

Jackpot Edit

This required a license when the jackpot system was first introduced on June 16,2009. The need for license was removed on October 18, 2010 with the The Prophecy of The Iliad update.

The jackpot system is still in the game, just without the license requirement.

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