Find a mentor, then party with him. That will allow you to do Mentor Quests and double your quest EXP. Plus the Quest EXP 2x License you will get x3 exp from quest.

An Exp concentration license is very effective for low-lv player party with high-lv player grinding West atlantis

The following is a list of quests with high amounts of EXP, good for power-leveling.

Name Level Total of Quests NPC Total EXP Type Notes
Best Jewels 125 5 Lupus 242.5m Sub:Repeat
Hermit of the Blue Mountains 125 12 Tenshin 3080m Sub:General 7x 500m EXP item awarded during quest
Blue Guardian 125 20 Forestia 985m Main:General Can be done alongside Best Jewels and Hermit of the Blue Mountains quest
133 Hercules Main:General Cannot be reset
133 Theseus Main: Reset
Katherine at Katherine Gorge 136 13 Katherine 4709m Sub:General One 500m EXP item awarded during quest
Cannot be reset
Katherine Gorge 137 29 Ghera 1900m Sub:General Can be reset


Prankster 137 5 Ghera Sub:Repeat Can be done alongside Katherine Gorge quest
The Explorers 142 2 Bree 350m Sub:Repeat Mon Wed Fri, cost much time to do.
Raging Vortex 142 19 Selena 2976m Main:General Cannot be reset
Pure Water 142 Selena Main: Reset Need Quest item from Mysterious Rock and Magical Rock
Lucky Coin 1 145 5 Dr. Jekyll Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 2 145 4 Brave James Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 3 145 3 Dorian the Historian 150m Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 4 145 4 Jakal 200m Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 5 145 2 Guardian Mukushu 120m Sub:Repeat Every day
Lucky Coin 6 145 1 Wanted Criminal Totem 100m Sub:Repeat Every day
The Dogon 140 19 Chief Lebe TBS Series Quest
Sorcerer's Plot 144 31 Nina 1250m Skirmish Series Quest

Cannot be reset.

Land of the Brave 150 36 Colonel Glover Main: General Need Gun lv 65 and 5000 fame point

Cannot be reset

Death's Boundary 152 12 Kassus 530m Main:Reset

Every day

Lost World 156 Professor Jones Sub:Repeat
Prison Riot 157 3 Sergeant Lowe 450m Sub:Repeat only 1-3 quest are good
Change An's Watchman 160 1 Shao Xian 300m Sub:Legion
Exposing the Conspiracy II 160 1 Mo Chien Lang 300m Sub:Legion
Reflect and Reflect Again 160 2 Soranggoon 300m Sub:Legion
Byzantium Ruins 163 10 Empress Consort Isabella 4100m Main:General Cannot be reset
Sanctum's Secret 163 5 General Varda 800m Sub:Repeat Must do Consort Isabella's Quest first
Ordering the Void 167 3 Yueying 1050m Sub:Repeat Gives keys to boss areas

Centaur village series Quest Edit

Road to Atlantis 150 3 Chief Lebe Main: General Cannot be reset
Centaur Village 150 20 Yahoon the Scout Main: General 2 Hero V merc. need (lv150 full upgrade)

Cannot be reset

Tartarus Laboratory 150 39 Chief Sha Lycoondal 6910m Main: General Cannot be reset
Garden of Life's Song 160 5 Wounded Amarieneju Main: General Titan server Raid. Not recommened.

Cannot be reset

Magican's Tower 160 54 Wounded Amarieneju Main: General Cannot be reset
Id's Request 160 ID Sub:Repeat Do alongside Magican's Tower
Saving Lea 170 29 Facilitator Amarieneju Main: General
Purify Hall Of Chaos 170 7 Glowing Loris Sub repeat


Doing Blue colored Diary items will give bonus exp based on level

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