Let the Spelltower Siege Begin!Edit

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  • Oct. 05 2011

Greetings, Atlantians!

The hour of truth is upon us. The once dormant Spelltower has awoken and its power is now available for the worthy to control!

Each Saturday at 2:00 PM Pacific, all Atlantians who wish to vie for control of the Spelltower may attempt to seize it. However, only the mightiest shall taste victory!

Spelltower Siege

  • Spelltower Sieges are held each Saturday at 2:00 PM Pacific on the Titan server.
  • 50 attackers and 50 defenders will be chosen for each room based on their relative levels or power.
  • There will be three rooms available for Spelltower control.
  • The server that captures the Spelltower will win week-long, server-wide buffs.
  • Players who receive Oriharukon from this event may exchange it with NPC Qasim for other prizes. Qasim can be found on the Titan server at the gate of Rome.

Good luck Atlantians!

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