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[EVENT] Let's Go Fishing![]

  • May. 10 2018

May Event: Let’s Go Fishing!

Eu main roll fishingsd.jpg

Event Period: May 10th to May 31st

Character Level : 20+

Event Schedule: (PST)



1.  A pop-up will show during the event schedule. Each fishing round will last for 5 minutes.

2.  Maximum of 10 instances will be held simultaneously, maximum of 25 players can participate per instance.

3. If there are more participants, another fishing event will pop-up shortly after the first round.

4. If a participant remained AFK inside the event for 3 rounds, he will be kicked out instantly.

5. For every day that the player participates in the fishing event, he will get 1 Spring Stamp which is sent directly to the mailbox.

Event Rewards:[]


Exchange your stamps and tokens to the NPC [Games President Acong] located in Rome.


1. The Special Ring Box contains one of the 29 items at a certain probability.

Whale's Back-to-School Ring / Raccoon's Play-Hard Ring / Bear's Snack Ring / Leeka's Lucky Ring / [Common] Nouvelle Cuisine Feast / Enchant Stone [V] / Ancient Book of Intelligence(No Trade) / Ambrosia (No Trade) / [Event] Spring Token …etc

2. The event items (Spring Token, Spring Stamp and Special Spring Ring Box) will be removed after the event.