Legion Patch Notes Edit

  • Update
  • Nov. 19 2014

New Legion System: Shaolin Corp Edit

  • New Legion, Shaolin Corp, has been added.
  • There will be three Legions, including Diabolic and Shadow that will be added in the future. Each of the Legions has its own story, and each mercenary also has his/her own story.
  • Each Legion has 8 types of mercenaries.
  • You can select the [Main Corp] and appoint one of the mercenaries from the Main Corp as a [Commander].
  • When appointed as a commander, the mercenary will follow the player on their journey.
  • Level up: Follows the same Exp table as the existing mercenaries up to Lv. 170.
  • Upgrade: Legion mercenaries can be upgraded with a Upgrade Crystal/Jewel or an Atlas Ore.
  • When a legion mercenary reaches a certain stage of upgrade, the pertinent mercenary will learn magic up to the designated level automatically.
  • A legion mercenary can learn magic through Upgrade without using a Book.
  • Secret Vial of Potential can't be used on legion mercenaries.
  • Legion mercenaries' Skill Points and Skill Potential will be fixed at 0. The mercenaries can't obtain any extra points.
  • Like the regular mercenaries, the legion mercenaries will receive bonus points upon leveling up. Also, they will be able to use a Growth Vial.

New Area: Shaolin Forecourt Edit

  • [Corps Quest] was added to help you experience the story the Shaolin Corps, new mercenaries.
  • Quests for the Lv. 10, Lv. 70, Lv. 140, and LV. 160 have been added.
  • Lv. 10 [Shaolin Pride] Quest: Go to [[Shaolin] Master Lian Hua] at the [Central Asia] - [Shaolin Forecourt] to start this quest.
  • Lv. 70 [Rediscovered Shaolin]: Go to [[Shaolin] Xuanzang] at the [Central Asia] - [Shaolin Forecourt] to start this quest.
  • Lv. 140 [Young Man's Pure Heart]: Go to [[Shaolin] Fangzhang] at the [Central Asia] - [Shaolin Forecourt] to start this repeatable daily quest.
  • Lv. 160 [Reflect and Reflect Again]: Go to [[Shaolin] Soranggoon] at the [Central Asia] - [Shaolin Forecourt] to start this repeatable daily quest.

6 new Shaolin fields have been added Edit

  • The news maps [Shaolin Forecourt], [Millennium Shaolin Center], [Tripitaka Sutra Depository], [Penitence of the Mad 1B], [Penitence of the Mad B2] will be added.
  • You can play the Shaolin Legion quests in this region. You can acquire the new Shaolin mercenaries by playing the repeatable quests in the dungeons in this area.
  • [Shaolin Forecourt], [Millennium Shaolin's Center] : This is the main area for the Shaolin Corps quest line and the place to experience the majestic appearance of Shaolin, the hub of martial arts.
  • (Entry Requirement: Lv.10 or higher (Shaolin Forecourt) / Lv.70 or higher (Millennium Shaolin's Center) )
  • [Jangkyunggak Library], [Forbidden Library]: Secrets to martial arts, only thought of as legends, are kept in Shaolin's ancient libraries in this area. (Entry Level: Lv.70 or higher) [Penitence of the Mad]: Diabolics and other criminals are locked up in this prison in the basement of Shaolin Temple. (Entry Level: Lv.140 or below (1st Basement Floor) / Lv.160 or below \ (2nd Basement floor) )

Legion Storage Edit

  • Legion Storage has been added for Legion mercenaries.
  • You must earn Comrade Emblems to unlock Legion Storage Spaces.
  • Speak to NPC Camaraderie for daily quests to earn Comrade Emblems.
  • NPC Camaraderie is located near Rome Gate.

New Function: Appearance Change Edit

  • A new function, Appearance Change has been added.
  • An Appearance Change Coupon is required to change the appearance of your mount/decoration/clothes.
  • Players must have the Mount/Decoration/Clothes in their collection book to use Appearance Change Coupon.
  • Appearance Change Coupons are dropped from Sturdy Treasure Boxes(Bonus Monsters for players Lv. 140+)
  • The Appearance will be in effect until the player retrieves the item from the Collection Book.

Twilight Crafting Released Edit

  • Twilight crafting has been released.
  • Twilight weapons require level 133 Crafting.
  • Twilight Armor can be crafted at 135, 136, 137.
  • Shard of Beginning can be crafted via Tool Lvl 60.
  • Sunset Afterglow is obtained by dismantling Twilight Gear.
  • Twilight gear can now be enhanced with Atlas Ore/Atlas Ore E

New Weapon Type: Fist Edit

  • A new weapon 'Armor Fist' is added for the Fist mercenaries.
  • The Fist fighter mercenaries can't be equipped with weapons. However, they can use the Fist fighter-exclusive Gauntlets to increase their Attack Power.
  • Players can craft the weapon Fists under the Gauntlet skill.
  • Weapon Fist crafting materials will also be dropped by monsters.
  • Some weapon Fists will also be dropped by monsters.
  • Spirit Armor Fist and Destroyer's Armor First can be purchased at the fixed prices at the Market.

Quest UI Revamp Edit

  • The quest log system has been changed to have more convenient functions and a cleaner design.
  • You can now categorize quests into [Main]/[Sub] on the [Quest Info] window.
  • Now you can access the main scenario more easily by categorizing quests into main scenario or sub quests.
  • Sub quests are categorized into General/Mercenary Recruitment/Corps/Repeatable quests.
  • The quest title colors will display differently depending on the difference between the main character's level and the quest levels.
  • Now you can see quests fit for your level range more intuitively.
  • Corps quest alert function has been added.
  • When you meet the conditions for main corps quests, you can see available quests on the quest alert UI.
  • When you change the main corps and you meet the quest conditions for the new corps, the quest will be notified to you and in order if there are multiple available quests.

Merc. Training Hall Edit

  • Expedition's have been removed and replaced with Merc. Training Hall.
  • At the Mercenary Training Hall, you can grow your mercenaries without sending them on Expeditions.
  • The Mercenary Training Hall is available at My Home. Use a [Merc. Training License] and a certain amount of gold to acquire EXP for a mercenary (limited to 20 times a day).
  • Legion mercenaries and max-leveled mercenaries cannot use it.
  • Players will have a chance to obtain [Merc. Training License] from the bonus monsters (the main character must be Lv. 80 or above to acquire the item).

AT Mileage Edit

  • AT Mileage can now be redeemed on any day.
  • AT Mileage points are reset every Thursday between 6:00 am and 7:00 am.