Kriemhild's Forest is a level 98 Quest in Northern Europe. NPC Gunther is located in World Tree's Roots just outside the portal to Kriemhild's Forest (Skirmish). This quest features skirmish style combat.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
Injured King Gunther Kill Kriemhild Slayer (0/50) Experience: 250,000
Gold: 75,000
Hero Siegfried Gunther Kill Gnome Cutthroat (0/50) Experience: 250,000
Gold: 75,000
King's Sister Gunther Scribbled Note (0/20) from Valkyrie Overseer Experience: 250,000
Gold: 75,000
Scribbled Note Gunther Read [Hastily Scribbled Note] Experience: 80,000
Gold: 25,000
Eternal Rest Gunther Kill Crimson Kriemhild (0/1) Experience: 350,000
Gold: 100,000