The Knight (Arthur) is a grade A Sword Mercenary.

The Knight is a stalwart swordsman and a hero of noble destiny. With the mighty Excalibur in hand, he smites the enemy, and his King's Command seals enemy attacks.

This page is named Knight (Mercenary) to disambiguate from the main character Knight class.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Choosing Dark Sage King Arthur Edit

After reaching level 150, you can decide whether to upgrade the Knight to Sage King Arthur or Dark King Arthur by completing the Mercenary Arthur Specialization Quest.

Each upgraded version of King Arthur has one unique unlocked skill (Sage King's Dignity for Sage King Arthur or Dark Legacy for Dark King Arthur) and both share the Guardian Sheath skill.

Assessment Edit

King Arthur is a good merc, one of the top mercs in the game. He does high damage and have excellent skills. Some players call him excellent, but keep in mind that in order to do good damage, he needs the best gear and weapons, maximized skills and a Mercenary Skin with just the right stats.

King Arthur is one of the most expensive (to obtain, upgrade and skill up) mercs.

Characteristics Edit

Attributes Edit

Basic Attack Edit

Recruitment Edit

Upgrades Edit

Multi-Hued Soul Crystal and Multi-Hued Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Knight 1 None 450 190 330 310 845 230
Knight I 20 50 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 500 210 350 350 1200 230
Knight II 50 100 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 565 235 390 390 1440 230
Arthur 80 20 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 610 280 410 415 1710 230
Arthur I 100 40 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 700 290 445 455 2180 230
Arthur II 120 60 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 775 320 470 490 2670 230
Arthur III 130 80 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 845 340 500 535 3120 230

There is no level 140 upgrade for the Knight mercenary.

Further upgrades need to be done to this mercenary as Sage King Arthur or Dark King Arthur after completing the Mercenary Arthur Specialization Quest.

Skills Edit

This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

King's command King's Command Edit

Seals the enemy's physical attacks.

Sage sword excalibur Sage Sword Excalibur Edit

Basic attacks have a chance to of unleashing Excalibur's power to damage all enemies (AoE).

History Edit

The Knight was introduced in the came with the Perils of Avalon Update.

The once shrouded kingdom was a peaceful and tranquil place. But, as in all stories, darkness had found its way to creep in. The dark deeds did not go unnoticed as the words of respite reached the ears of Arthur. With a heavy heart, Arthur shattered the veil to rescue those he can and find those responsible. With the mystic Avalon now revealed, King Arthur can be recruited to your formation. Once you reach level 100, you must speak with Arthur Pendragon outside the gates of Avalon. Arthur will enlighten your knowledge with the story of the fallen kingdom of Avalon and how he thinks its fate came to pass. Complete all the of King’s requests and he will join your ranks!

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