Atlantica Wiki

Here are the Keyboard Controls. Ok, we snuck in some Mouse Controls, too, shhhh! ;-)

Most of these are in uppercase, which is how they are in the Atlantica help, but either case works.

Sadly, keys cannot be remapped in Atlantica.

See the User Interface and Inventory pages for more info.

In Battle[]

Read more about these in detail in the combat pages.

Action Key Mouse
Use quick slot item F1-F10
Select character 1-9
Select next character Tab
Attack A
Guard G
Wait F
Move D
Search S
Search All X
Use magic skill QWERT
Swap in merc from merc room 1-4
End Turn `
Move camera Arrow keys wheel and moving
Reset camera to default view Z

Out of Battle[]

Basic Controls[]

Action Key Key Mouse
Run W Up Arrow
Auto Run Numlock
Move Backward S Down Arrow
Turn Left A Left Arrow
Turn Right D Right Arrow
Strafe Left Q
Strafe Right E
Select Left Click
Move Left Click

Misc. Controls[]

Action Key Key Mouse
Auto Craft Z
Character Sheet Alt+C
Chat Enter
Diary Alt+D
Expression Alt+E
Fishing V
Formation Alt+F
Forum Alt+V
Game Menu Esc
Guild Ads Alt+G
Help H
Hide Interface Alt+W
Inventory I Space
Item Information* C Ctrl+C
Item Information Alt+J
Mailbox Alt+C
Merc Room Alt+Z
Monster Info Alt+M
Personal Store Alt+P
Sit X
Skills Window Alt+K
Use/consume an item Right-Click
World Map M

* The way this Item Information works is that you can cursor over any item in your inventory or worn by another player and press C or Ctrl+C and it takes you directly to the information on that item.