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Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the Patch Note for the updates today July 9, 2020!

Please refer to the details below

■Update Details

- Server Refresh

- New Merchant NPC

Sol (Freedom Park Merchant NPC) near the entrance of Freedom Park (North America)
Move Luna near the entrance of Freedom park (North America)

- New Title

Spring Seasonal Champion

■ Event

- Freedom Park 2020

"Rid free of the unpatriotic rebellion and become the hero that saved Independence Day!"
July 9 to August 6

- Hainan Fireworks Festival 2020

"Enjoy a grand fireworks display that'll make you go booming with prizes and with oodles of fortunes!"
July 9 to August 6

■ Fixes

- VFun Mount Fix

- Shadowveil Buster and Wailing Piercer can be now registered in Market and information are available in book