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The Jackpot Challenge allows loot to be gathered in a jackpot collection and then take one of the items to create a "jackpot". This reduces room loot takes up in your inventory and can potentially make you some gold in the process.


Click the Jackpot button on the right hand side of the user interface to open the Jackpot window.

Jackpot window with looted items

Collecting Jackpot Items[]

Certain loot items automatically go into the jackpot window. Which items is decided by the game designers.

Checking Market Rates[]

Get market rates for current item

Select an item in the jackpot window and click the Rates button to see the current market rates for this item. This can help you decide which item to jackpot.

Result of Jackpot Challenge

Jackpot Challenge[]

Select an item in the Jackpot window and click the Jackpot Challenge button. This combines all of your collected items in the jackpot window and returns a calculated number of the single selected item. How many is determined by the value of all the other items in the collection. The other items will be lost in the process.

For example, in the images here you can see that I took a jackpot collection of a number 10 different items that I looted and the result was that I received 2 + 41 Large Diamonds. Considering the current market rates, which I checked before, if I sold the diamonds, I should be able to make 43 * 1,750,000 gold = 75,250,000 gold.

This may or may not be more than I could have made by jackpotting another item (I think it's pretty good), plus I only have a single stack of diamonds in my inventory after this.

Once that jackpot is empty, the

Get All[]

This option allows you to simply move all of the items in the jackpot window to your inventory. It's all-or-nothing, you can't pick which items.

Jackpot Challenge is jackpotting the selected item

Items to Jackpot[]

Shimmering Sapphire Transcendent Temple
Oriharukon Transcendent Temple
Anarchy Stone Transcendent Temple