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The Item Mall (usually called IM for short) allows players to purchase Atlantica Online items using real world currency. It is located here. Check for sales, they happen all the time and new (and sometimes even old favorite) items are frequently added.

NOTICE: new accounts are unable to purchase from the item Mall until you have completed the Level 100 Main Character Upgrade Quest.

General Info[]

You buy GC (GCoins) ($100 for 10,000 GC) in the USA, prices vary in other regions), which you can use to purchase special items from the item mall, which will then get sent to your in-game account.

Gifting Items[]

You can also choose to gift the items to another player. You must know the player's server and character name (be really careful when gifting items, a single wrong character might send this item to the wrong player).

Note: apparently Valofe has removed the Gift option from the Item Mall.

Picking Up Item Mall Items[]

To find the items that you have purchased from the item mall in the game, simply click the Item Mall button, and then Item Pickup, at the top left of the screen in game. Be careful, some of the items you purchase from the item mall cannot be traded to other players or characters. Be sure you want to use the item that you are getting from Item Pickup on your current character.

Item Mall Items[]

Items that you buy from the Item Mall are, as a general rule, are completely tradable with other players. If they are not, the item will be labeled as such. The idea behind this is that you can buy IM item and sell them in game for gold, the main in game currency in Atlantica.


You can buy boxes that give you a chance of receiving mounts (Horses, Elephants, Raptors, Tigers, etc.). Valofe releases new mounts all the time, and Atlantica has an amazing variety of mounts in game.


Certain mercenaries are usually referred to as "IM Mercs", because the main source for the mercenary Sealed Orb, as well as their skill books, is the Item Mall. Lately this is becoming somewhat less true, since some of these mercs have been made available from events, but it is still mostly the case.

These mercenaries are:

If you want to buy one of these mercs (I suggest researching mercs first, ask your guild/nation friends or on the forums and research our mercenary pages), usually buying these Mercenaries + Essentials is the best deal, since you get the merc, one skill up to level 60, and some upgrade jewels all for one cost. If you don't have to have a merc right now, wait for a sale, they do happen, even for IM mercs.



Atlantica Online uses Licenses for a lot of things, such as instant travel via teleportation, or allowing you to auto battle while being partially AFK. Warrior Pack and Adventurer's Pack are always available and sometimes even Platinum Packs. See our Licenses page for more information.


Most of these scrolls can be bought in game from the market or are often rewards from in-game events.


The number on in-game consumable is Atlas Ore (and Atlas Ore (E)). It's practically a second in-game currency. This is a great item to buy if you wan to be sure you can sell it in-game for a known amount of gold.


Packages are sets of Licenses that you can buy as a set for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Items that you can get from the item mall range from to scroll you can use in combat, permanent extra inventory slots, permanent mercenary room slots, potions that will let you switch your main characters class or gender, and many more.

The item mall does have some worthy items to purchase, and it's quite simple to do, just remember the 1–2 weeks wait incurred after first purchase for gifting, this can be extremely frustrating if you planned on buying your friends some items and only just realizing you can't send them.

Buying GC (Item Mall Currency)[]

You buy GC (GCoins) ($10 for 1,000) GC in the USA, prices are the same in other regions, the only difference is between game region versions), which you can use to purchase special items from the item mall, which will then get sent to your (or the giftee's) in-game account Item Pickup.

You can purchase GC from Valofe via their Purchase GC page. GC can be used in Atlantica Online as well as other Valofe games.

You can also purchase GC using Karma Koin cards (available at Walgreens and many other retailers) and other methods you can view on the Purchase GC page.


As of January 11, 2017, VALOFE started as publisher of Atlantica Online. There is no way to redeem Nexon's (the previous publisher) NX credits from VALOFE. You have to buy GC to purchase from the Item Mall.