Inventory is the place you keep your stuff.


The image above looks complex, but it's one of the places you'll be spending a lot of time.

  • Character Information is on the top left.
  • The actual Inventory window is the 10*9 grid of inventory slots to the right of the character information.
  • Below the Character Information and Inventory are 4 Extra Inventory Bags (labeled Material Bag 1 - 4). The display of these can be toggle using the Open/Close Material Bag button (in the Inventory buttons at the bottom right of the Inventory window).
  • Below the Extra Inventory Bags are the Quick Slots.

Character Information, Extra Inventory Bags and Quick Slots are discussed on separate pages.

Inventory Window Edit

This is your main storage area for all the game items you get. You will find out soon that this can get cluttered quickly.

Tip: If any items in your inventory are twinkling, it means they were added since the last time you opened the inventory or logged on.

  • Press Space or I to open the Inventory window.
  • Only identical items can be stacked.
  • Many item, such as potions, crafting materials and quest items, can stack up to 10,000 in a single stack.
  • Equipment and weapons cannot stack, they have to be stored 1 per inventory slot.

Stacking/Unstacking Items Edit

  • To stack multiple items of the same type, simply click a stack and then drag it on top of another stack.
  • To unstack or divide stack of items, simply click a stack while holding down the Shift key and then drag it on top of another stack or to an empty inventory slot.

Deleting Items Edit

  • To delete and item from your inventory, drag it to the Toss Item button (last of the Inventory buttons at the bottom right of the Inventory window).

Tip: If you try to destroy an item in your inventory and get an error message that the item can't be destroyed, try selling it to the hospital in any town.

Inventory Buttons Edit

Open All Boxes Edit

See the box page for details. This p[age also shows you how to open a single box.

Open/Close Material Bag Edit

Toggles the display of the extra inventory bags.

Organize Bag Edit

If you have multiple stacks of the same item with various number of items, click the Organize Bag button. This will create stacks with the maximum number of that item per stack (10,000) from left to right. For example, if you have 2 stacks of 8,000 Sea Elements and click Organize Warehouse, it will create 1 stack of 10,000 and a second stack of 6,000.

Note: this button is only available if you have Extra Inventory Bags.

Toss Item Edit

Drag an item from your inventory to this button to delete it. You will get a Yes/No confirmation.

More Storage Options Edit

  • For more item storage, the first My Warehouse tab is free and you can pay to unlock a second tab.
  • See the Storage page for complete storage options.