Introducing the Dryad! Edit

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  • Aug. 05 2015

A guardian of nature who wields a whip infused with the power of the forest. The Dryad can use skills that invigorate you with power, restrain your enemies, and help your allies recover. Welcome the Dryad to Atlantica Online!

Dryad Details Edit


The Nymph is the base form of the Dryad, and uses a Whip as her weapon. She can be upgraded using Multi-Hued Soul Crystals and Multi-Hued Soul Jewels.


Nymph Base Stats

  • Strength: 176
  • Dexterity: 344
  • Intelligence: 256
  • Vitality: 197
  • Defense: 175
  • Magic Defense: 425


The hero name of the Nymph is the Dryad and uses a Whip as her weapon. She can be upgraded using Multi-Hued Soul Jewels or Atlas Ore. The Dryad's highest upgrade level is [VI].


Dryad [VI] Base Stats

  • Strength: 357
  • Dexterity: 945
  • Intelligence: 559
  • Vitality: 401
  • Defense: 2211
  • Magic Defense: 480

Dryad Skills Edit

Evergreen Grace - A passive skill that restores Vitality and increases Action Power every turn.

Shackles of the Thicket - The roots of the gigantic tree will restrain your enemy and absorb its Vitality.

Wildwood Regeneration - Cancels enemy attacks or debuffs on an ally. Decreases Action Power slightly in certain situations.

Dryad's Garden Event Edit

Event Dates: Thursday, August 6 - Thursday, August 27

For reasons unknown to Oak Nymph, the tree spirits and faries living in the Dryad's Garden Dungeon have become tainted by evil! Help Oak Nymph defend the Tree of Life, and you may gain a new companion to join you on your adventures.

  • Upon log-in, you will receive a Dryad's Garden Ticket (Event) in you mailbox
  • This ticket allows you to enter the Dryad's Garden Dungeon
  • A second ticket will be sent once you have been logged in for a total of 1 hour
  • Tickets allow 30 minutes inside of the dungeon
  • Visit Oak Nymph who is located just outside of Dryad's Garden Dungeon, next to Forest of Spirits (Sapporo)
  • Completing Oak Nymph's daily quest will reward you with Dryad's Leaf (Event)
  • Daily Quest objectives can be completed by defeating the monsters inside of Dryad's Garden Dungeon
  • You can exchange Dryad's Leaf to Merchant Acong in Rome for prizes, including Dryad's Leaf of Life (Summon Marble)!
  • There is a very rare chance for Dryad's Leaf to drop from bonus monsters inside of the dungeon

Exchange Rewards

Visit the Merchant Acong near the entrance of Rome to exchange your Dryad's Leaf for all sorts of prizes!

Item Name Dryad's Leaf
Dryad's Leaf of Life (Summon Marble) 200
Book: Evergreen Grace [I] (Event) 5
Book: Shackles of the Thicket [I] (Event) 5
Book: Wildwood Regeneration [I] (Event) 5
Book: Evergreen Grace [II] (Event) 5
Book: Shackles of the Thicket [II] (Event) 8
Book: Wildwood Regeneration [II] (Event) 8
Book: Evergreen Grace [III] (Event) 15
Book: Shackles of the Thicket [III] (Event) 15
Book: Wildwood Regeneration [III] (Event) 15
Dryad Upgrade Crystal (Event) 2
Dryad Upgrade Jewel (Event) 4
Ambrosia 1
Water of Life (Event) 3
Scroll of Bewitching (Event) 5
Miracle Potion (No Trade) 5

Dryad's Leaf Summon Marble Edit

Sale Dates: Thursday, August 6 - Thursday, August 27

Do you want to spend more time with your new Dryad instantly? She'll be available in the item mall for a limited time! This Summon Marble will add Nymph Lv. 1 to your party!