Dreams of FairylandEdit

Jacob: Our world needs more mana before it can fully stabilize -- mana that we do not have. In my research into folklore, I learned of Atlantis and the mystical substance of oriharukon. If you can bring us some of this oriharukon, dear friend, I'm certain we can finish our work.

Wilhelm: Either that or blow ourselves up!

Mission Oriharukon(100/100)

Experience 150,000,000

Gold 10,000,000


Cracks in the StoryEdit

Jacob: No, we need something special. Something mysterious. Something overflowing with mana...

Wilhelm: Like a Mysterious Mana Orb!

(You can craft Mysterious Mana Orb via Quest crafting.)

Mysterious Mana Orb(1/1)

EXP: 50,000,000

Item: Grimm Key x 1


Unexpected TwistEdit

Jacob: You must journey into our realm and purge it of these abominations. Do this, and we will endeavor to seal the cracks while you are away.

Wilhelm: Yeah, what he said.

(Defeat the boss of Grimm Woods.)

Experience 200,000,000

Gold 20,000,000

Created based on VALOFE Atlantica Online NA (Server: Alexandria)