Hui Ko is a quest NPC near Northern Mohenjodaro Graveyard in Southwest Asia.

Quest - Sanctum of Death Edit

1.Master's Rosary Edit

Ah! Did you hear my voice? Phew... What a relief. I kept calling out, but no one came. I was so scared! Have you seen my master by any chance? My master's name is Ming Zhao. He has... hm... a long white beard and a wrinkled face. Ah! And he's completely bald. He is a monk. ...Oh, you didn't see him. Where did he get off to? He wouldn't leave me like this... I'm worried. Huh? Me? I'm Hui Ko I came here with my master, but I don't know where here is. I just followed him here. I followed him up the stairs to this sparkling place, but he suddenly disappeared. ~ That's the Sanctum of Death!? What a horrible name! If it's alright, would you go looking for my master? I'd like to get out of here as soon as I can.

[HINT : You can obtain Sandalwood Rosary Beads if you defeat Giant Harpy Warriors.]

Mission: Sandalwood Rosary Bead x108


Oh! This is my master's rosary. It's a special rosary made of sandalwood. His is the only one like it. But why would he leave his rosary behind? I can't return to Shaolin Temple without him...


  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 10,000

2.Faraway Shaolin Temple Edit

You know what Shaolin is, right? All kung fu under heaven originates at Shaolin. Every kind of martial art in the world originated from Shaolin. How can you not know about it... ~ Can you... Please look up Chang An?

[HINT: Press M to open up the World Map. Chang An is located in Central Asia.]

Mission: Open Game Info > World Map

Henan, where Shaolin is located, is right next to Chang An. Drop by if you ever get the chance.


  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 5,000

3.The Treasure of Shaolin Edit

Ah! Shaolin... I'm too weak to be a warrior monk, but there are many strong martial artists like you in Shaolin. I miss my friends... I want to go back soon. ~ I'm sorry, but could you go look for any signs of my master one more time? There are big monsters wielding cudgels in there, and I think they might have taken him away. They snort like pigs, so you can easily spot them.

[HINT: If you defeat the Rakshasa Warriors, you can get Torn Yijin Jing.]

Mission: Torn Yijin Jing x30

~ ...!


  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 10,000

4.Master's Relic Edit

H-h-how can this be... Look at this Yijin Jing. It's soaked with blood. The master always carried it within himself... My master... he... must have died.

... To be honest with you, I was an orphan. My master found me on the street and brought me to Shaolin with him. He had me practice the motions in Yijin Jing because I was so weak... ~ I'm sorry, but can you look for any last remains of my master? There must be some last relic of his... I don't care what you find. Please search one more time for me.

[HINT : If you defeat Yama Illusionists, you can find Ming Zhao's Relics.]

Mission: Ming Zhao's Relic x30


So many of my master's dear relics... I'll keep them in a clean box and take it to Shaolin. You're such a nice person, traveler. I'll try to keep my chin up. Even though my master is not with me anymore, I believe he's watching me from above. It's time for us to say goodbye. Thank you for everything you've done for me. I hope your travels are safe.


  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 10,000


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