Healing-potion-i Healing Potion I is an item of type Medicine and Can Be Crafted.

See main Healing Potions page for more information.

Crafting Edit

Level Batch QtyRequired ItemsWorkload
1 10 [Ginseng]×10
[Dogwood Fruit]×5

Dropped by monsters

Very Low[Bandit]Northeast Asia
Medium[Bandit]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Black Bear]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Crab Soldier]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Very Low[Crab Warrior]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Low[Crazed Fox]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Devil Tree]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Evil Sky Spirit]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Evil Tree]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Fallen Monk]Angor Wat 1F
Very Low[Female Otter]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Headless Punisher]Yosun Temple
Very Low[Headless Soldier]Yosun Temple
Very Low[Headless Warrior]Yosun Temple
Low[Hell Soldier]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Low[Hell Warrior]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Margo's Ace Archers]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Very Low[Margo's Archers]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Very Low[Margo's Bowmen]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Very Low[Nimble Red Deer]Northeast Asia
Low[Polluted Unicorn]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Red Deer]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Royal Guard]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Very Low[Sky Spirit]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Small Water Dragon]Undersea Plaza
Very Low[Sword Dancer]Sea Palace Courtyard
Very Low[Tainted Unicorn]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Water Dragon]Undersea Plaza
Very Low[Young Owl]NE Asia
Very Low[Young Yellow Fox]Northeast Asia
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