Healers in MMORPGs are typically characters dedicated to healing. They can often do damage as well, but their main goal is usually to heal other players on their team.

Atlantica Online is a bit unique, since each player controls a whole team, a main character and up to 8 mercenaries. Thus, Atlantica doesn't have the concept of main classes that are pure dedicated healers, but rather has several main classes that have healing skills can heal significantly enough that they may not need a dedicated healer mercenary.

Most players have a healer character in their formation (could be their main or a mercenary), but it's not required to have one. Many players do well without a healer character or just some more limited healing.

Rather than alphabetically, this section lists healers in order of main characters, healers, off-healers.

Healer Mains Edit

These are mains with good enough healing skills that they may not need a healer merc (se above). Several main characters also have limited healing or protective skills that they can choose as one of their 5 skills.

Mage Main Edit

Atlantian Battlemage Main Edit

Healer Mercenaries Edit

Rather than in alphabetical order, these are in order of greater healers to worse healers.

Vampire Edit

Carmilla is the best healer in the game. However, she is an expensive Item Mall Merc.

  • Dawn's harmony Dawn Harmony: Restores allies' Health over time (HoT). Heals a column for a good amount for 2 turns and she can cast it multiple turns in a row. I have personally used her to cast healing 3 turns in a row.
  • Dawn's harmony Dawn Harmony can resurrect in TBS, but not in normal combat.
  • Vampiric thirst Vampiric Thirst: Steal Health from the enemy during a basic attack. Passive. The activation rate depends on the skill level.

Automaton Edit

Gigas is a good healer and heals your full formation (AoE). It is, however, expensive.

Folklorist Edit

If you need an excellent high level healer and can't afford the Vampire Item Mall Merc, the Folklorist is the way to go! He also has other excellent skills and is affordable. New players can recruit him for free from a Mercenary Selection Summon Marble.

  • Mother hulda Mother Hulda: Mother Hulda is an excellent healing skill that Heals allies and removes their Debuffs or strips enemies of their buffs.

Ching Ya Edit

Trainee Ching Ya is a so-so healer, she can heal in a cross (so up to 5 characters), but her heal is lackluster at higher levels. but difficult to obtain and expensive to upgrade.

Oracle Edit

The Oracle is the most common healer in the game for people who can't afford a Vampire.

Shaman Edit

The Shaman is the first healer most players get when they start a new level 1 character. Her healing is pretty good at low levels, but you should probably upgrade to an Oracle when you can.

Necromancer Edit

I have included the Necromancer here, even though she is not technically a healer. She can, however, resurrect characters, which, I suppose, is the ultimate heal.

  • Resurrection Resurrection: Resurrecting Revives an ally from the dead: can resurrect mercenaries in normal battles and main and mercenaries in TBS. The main character cannot be resurrected in normal battles, because if the main dies in a normal battle, the battle is lost.

Off Healers Edit

These are listed in alphabetical order.

Goddess Edit

The Goddess is used mostly for her stun counter and healing combination.

Minstrel Edit

  • Salvation Salvation: Removes continuous magic from allies. Restores a random amount of Health.

Monk Edit

The Monk is used mostly to awaken and countering stuns and his Holy Guard, which can shield a row from magic. He is the least expensive mercenary who can do both.

  • Protect Protect: A spell cast automatically on your main character at the start of the battle. Increases defense and regenerates Health.
  • Shield of protection Shield of Protection: Increases physical defense and restores some Health every time the user takes damage.
  • Holy guard Holy Guard: Celestial power protects your team from all Magic.

Princess Edit

Prophet Edit

Puppeteer Edit

The Puppeteer can give any character in your formation another turn by removing any stun and increasing Action Power and other abilities. This is accompanied by a single character heal.

Taoist Edit

Trainee Chiu Hong Edit

  • Change of seasons Change of Seasons: Increases the abilities of all of your allies through your chi (AoE). This skill can only be used when you are below a certain amount of Health. When used, all of your allies will recover Health and increase their Critical rate.

Trainee Hualin Edit

Trainee Kim Choon Sam Edit

Trainee Shao Xian Edit

Self-Healing Edit

A number of skills allow a character to heal or protect him or herself and or restore Health to him or herself. See the full Skills List to see all possible options.

Resurrection Edit

There are mercenaries that can resurrect allies in battle and items that can resurrect characters in and out of battle.

See the Resurrecting page for details.