Healing is an important topic in Atlantica.

Most players have a healer character in their formation (could be their main or a mercenary), but it's not required to have one. Many players do well without a healer character or just some more limited healing.

Numerous main characters also have limited healing or protective skills that they can choose as one of their 5 skills. Atlantica really doesn't have the concept of main classes that are healers per se, as many other MMORPGs do, but rather has several main classes that have healing skills can heal significantly enough that they may not need a dedicated healer mercenary.

See the Healers page for healer characters.

Healing Items Edit

Out of Battle Edit

  • Rest: (sit (X key)), you slowly regain your health and mana.
  • Water of Life: this is a very efficient, but potentially expensive, way to regain health and mana for your whole formation at once (it will also resurrect any dead mercenaries in your formation).
  • Food items can be used to heal your characters outside of battle. Different Food Items provide different benefits. Check the stats on various food items. Food is typically an inexpensive, but not necessarily efficient) way to regain your health.

In Battle Edit