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A guild is a group of players that have joined together. Guilds are important to enhance the gaming experience Atlantica Online, so you can play with other players in the same guild and nation.

A player's Main Character must be at least level 100 to create a guild.

Up to 10 guilds can join together and form a Nation.

Guild Benefits[]

Being in a Guild unlock lots of features for players:


Applying to a Guild[]

Players who are interested to join a guild may also apply to the guild directly via Guild Ads (on the Community Menu).

Inviting Players to a Guild[]

Players can be invited into the guild by Guild members of rank Guild Officer or higher:

  1. Click on the Community button on the right-hand side of the User Interface;
  2. Click on the Guild tab;
  3. Enter the name of the player to invite in the space provided and click on "Invite".


  • If your guild controls a town, you can teleport to that town for free from the Community List > Guild tab > Go To Town button.
  • Owning a town can make the guild money via taxes from the bank and market. See town for more info.

Guild Level[]

Similar to a character, each guild also accrue guild experience points and have a guild level as well. Guild experience is earned when active guild members progress in their personal quests, or through guild activities, like guild crafting. Guild experience is earned at a rate of 1 per 200 mercenary experience earned by all guild members. Each member's contribution to guild experience is displayed as the member's "Contribution" in any town's Guild Office. Maximum guild level is 120.

At level 20, the guild can call for a daily guild meeting. The time and place of the guild meeting can be set at the Guild Office in any town. All guild members present at the meeting will receive 1 Friendship Box every 10 minutes for the hour period of the meeting (a maximum of 6 boxes).

At Level 30, a guild can start a Nation.

Attack Power and workload bonuses are applied to all members of a guild once the guild reaches level 50.

See the Guild Level Experience List to see how much experience each level requires.

Guild Positions[]

Guild Leader (GL)[]

The Guild Leader's name appears in blue in the guild list (Guild Office). A guild can have 1 Guild Leader.

Guild Leader abilities:[]

Chief Officer (CO)[]

The Chief Officer's name appears in green in the guild list (Guild Office). A guild can have 1 Chief Officer. One Chief Officer can be appointed, when the guild reaches level 20.

Chief Officer abilities:[]

  • Bid for Town control
  • Set the guild notice seen in Community > Guild
  • Kick members from the guild
  • Promote guild members
  • Everything Guild Officers can do

Guild Officer[]

A guild can appoint a member as an Guild Officer at every 5 Guild Levels, up to a maximum of 5.

Guild Officer Abilities:[]

  • Cancel members' guild crafts
  • Recruit guild members
  • Everything Guild Members can do

Guild Member[]

Standard guild member.

Guild Member Abilities:[]

  • Use Guild Crafting
  • Set up guild crafts
  • Cancel your own guild crafts
  • Participate in Training Center
  • Participate in Guild Dungeons
  • Impeach active Guild Leader


An Initiate is a newly joined member who has not been promoted to a higher rank. Initiates cannot be promoted for 12 hours (real time) after joining a guild.

Guild Management[]

You have to pay a guild maintenance fee the first day of every month (12 days real time). If there are not enough guild funds to pay this, the guild will be dismantled.

Guild Points[]

In addition to Guild experience points, guilds will also accrue guild points through completion of town quests, guild craft, a guild member, doing the training center and guild dungeons or through participation in Free League Competitions. On top of that, if the guild is running a Town, a number of guild points will also be earned, depending on the satisfaction rate of the town.

Guild points are essential to bid for control of towns and to exchange for items.

Guild Activity Points[]

A guild must remain active by accruing 28,000 Guild Activity Points to bid on or retain ownership of a town (provided it owns a town).

Activity Points are generated by fighting. A guild can obtain a daily maximum of 2,000 points, and any guild member can create up to 1,000 Guild Activity Points.

Guild Insignia[]

Complete montage of 628 insignias.

An insignia is a logo designed to visibly distinguish guilds from each other. When a guild is formed it does not have an insignia. An insignia may be created or updated by a Guild Leader when using an [Insignia License], which is consumed after use. The insignia cannot be chosen; it is assigned at random from one of the ones not currently in use by any other guild. The insignia is displayed prominently next to the guild name displayed above guild members' heads.