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Guardian Stones are items that are equipped on the Off-Hand slot of melee mercenaries/heroes

Type: Guardian 

1 Guardian Stone is lost/used each time a character using Guardian Stones is attacked.

Types of Guardian Stones[]

Stone Level Effects
Guardian Stone[I] 80 Defense: 1000
Guardian Stone[II] 100 Defense: 2000
Guardian Stone[III] 120 Defense: 3000
Guardian Stone[IV] 130 Defense: 4000
Guardian Stone of Recovery 115

Defense: 4000

Recovery Lv10

Guardian Stone of Bravery  115

Defense: 4000

Strength Lv10

Guardian Stone of Celerity 115

Defense: 4000

Swiftness Lv10

Guardian Stone of Awakening 115

Defense: 4000

Awakening Lv10