Groundless Rumor is a mercenary recruitment quest chain offered by NPC Chueh Shui to recruit Trainee Chueh Shui. The objectives focus on killing mobs in the Chang An Market Street and Mysterious Saloon dungeons, and crafting quest items.

In order to complete this questline, you will need [Sea Element]×1, [Flame Element]×1, [Storm Element]×1 and [Basic Info] on Clumsy Thief.

This quest can be reset by trading [Secrets of Time: Chueh Shui]×1 with NPC Hui Chao or by choosing 'Reset' on the quest menu (Alt+L). Currently, Secrets of Time: Chueh Shui cannot be registered (thus, bought) from Market, so player will have to either craft the item or buy it directly from other players.

Quest DetailsEdit

Quest Edit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
New Partner Chueh Shui Open NPC Info Window Experience : 500,000
Gold : 750,000
A Trustworthy Person Chueh Shui Answer [A Trustworthy Person]

Answer : Shao Xian

Experience : 500,000
Gold : 750,000
Creator of Rumors Chueh Shui Acquire [Basic Info] on [Clumsy Thief] Experience : 400,000
Gold : 2,000,000
For Punishment Chueh Shui Kill [Demonic Boatman](0/20)
Kill [Clumsy Thief](0/20)
Experience : 10,000,000
Gold : 3,000,000
With a Clue Chueh Shui Read [Note the Culprit Dropped] Experience : 1,000,000
Gold : 750,000
The Truth Chueh Shui Answer [The Truth] Question
Answer : siblings
Experience : 600,000
Gold : 750,000
Item Base I Pass 1
Source of the Rumor Chueh Shui Kill [Diabolic Swordmaster] Experience : 170,000,000
Gold : 6,500,000
To Resolve a Misunderstanding Chueh Shui Community -> Post on Forum Experience : 500,000
Gold : 900,000
Never Forget the Truth Chueh Shui Craft [Lucky Charm](0/1) Experience :1,000,000
Gold : 1,000,000
Together Chueh Shui Game Info -> Open World Map Experience : 500,000
Gold : 550,000
Item : Summoning Book : Chueh Shui 1