Green Dragon's Rage is a Magic Skill. See Skills for more information.

This skill was updated to scale with the level of the mercenary in the Perils of Avalon Patch.

Green dragon's rage Green Dragon's Rage

Releases the Green Dragon's rage, weakening Ranged enemies (AoE).

Combo Skill: Casting Green Dragon's Rage on enemies affected by Beast's Soul triggers Combo Skill Green Dragon's Roar.

Increasing Skill Levels: Edit

Via Skill Books: Edit

You can increase Skill levels using Skill Books:

Via Atlas Ore: Edit

Effects Edit

Skill Level Merc Level* MP Attack Power (PvE) Health (PvE) Attack Power (FL) Health (FL)
19 162 560 -2,648 -1,033+27.3%
56 150 560 -6,348 -1,393+50.7%
70 180 638 -7,900 -1,780+63.9% -1,630 -1,130+35.9

* Assumes that mercenary is fully upgraded.