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Goddess Garden Guide[]

  • Apr. 16 2020

Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden is a new individual dungeon located in Southwest Asia.

You can teleport to the said dungeon by clicking the icon located at the top left side of the screen.


Note: You need Goddess Garden Key to enter the dungeon. You can exchange keys from Ladu. There are four options to buy Goddess Garden Key.


Goddess Garden monsters drop Crude Goddess Stones, which is a material to craft Goddess Accessories.

How Craft Goddess Accessories

Crude Goddess Stone

Stones collected inside the dungeon can be crafted into Goddess Stones. You need 50x Crude Goddess Stones to make 1x Goddess Stone.


Goddess Stone

Goddess Stone can be crafted into Goddess Accessories (Ring, Necklace, Earring, and Bracelet). You need 10x Goddess Stones to craft 1x Goddess Accessories.


Goddess Accessories can be upgraded to +3, maximum. Goddess Accessories that are +3 can be upgraded into Shining Goddess Accessories.

Note: You need to have the craft skill Accessories at least at level 1 to craft these.

Shining Goddess Stone

Shining Goddess Stones are used to craft Shining Goddess Accessories. To craft these stones you need the following items:

-500x Crude Goddess Stones

-50x Atlantis Platinum Coin

-500x Oriharukon

-1000x Obsidian Shard

-100x Anarchy Stone

-1x Stone of Emptiness

-5x Riederan’s Soul Shard

-100x Mystic Gem

-10x Heavenly Crystal


Shining Goddess accessories.

To craft the Shining Goddess Accessories, you will need the following:

-10x Shining Goddess Stone

-1x Goddess Accessory +3 (Ex: Goddess Ring +3)


Please note that Shining Goddess Accessories can only be upgraded using Shining Goddess Stones and can only be upgraded into +3, maximum.

Note: Goddess Garden and Art Gallery Pass cannot be used at the same time.