The Ghost Town Asylum quest is a main quest offered by NPC Purple Crescent. The objectives focus on killing mobs and obtaining items from the Ghost Town Asylum skirmish dungeon inside the Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town.

Doing this and the Lost Moonlight Orb (Quest) at the same time is recommended, since they involve killing the same mobs, and both NPC are found in the sam dungeon.

Quests Edit

Quest Objective NPC Rewards Notes
Phantom Kill [Tombstone Monster] (45) Purple Crescent Experience: 500,000
Gold: 250,000
Useless Copying Fetch [Fake Coin Bundle]×70 Purple Crescent Experience: 6,000,000
Gold: 575,000
The Most Horrible Sensation Kill [Greedy Goblin] (1) Purple Crescent Experience: 6,000,000
Gold: 750,000
Rare enemy, may take some time to appear