Friendship Boxes are obtained by attending guild meetings. Up to five boxes are mailed to each player present at the meeting location, at ten minute intervals, beginning ten minutes after the meeting start time.

Friendship Box
Vital statistics
Type: Box
Min. Level: 1
Usable: Yes
Craftable: No
Tradeable: Yes
Obtained from:
Description: Right-click the icon to use this item.
Cannot be used in battle.

In the following example, assume the guild meeting starts at 12:00.

Time Item mailed
12:00 None
12:10 [Friendship Box]×1
12:20 [Friendship Box]×1
12:30 [Friendship Box]×1
12:40 [Friendship Box]×1
12:50 [Friendship Box]×1
13:00 None


Contains one of the following, at random.

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