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Forest of Spirits is a main dungeon located near the town you begin to play.


How long this forest has existed, no one knows. But the little spirits who migrated here from the World of Spirits had lived harmoniously with humans, plants, and animals. But, by nature, they were weak-hearted and easily scared, and so the little spirits picked a loving and kind-hearted girl from a nearby village to protect the forest as a shaman. The girl became a friend to the beings living in the forest, serving as a bridge between them and the outside world. But recently the apostle of darkness have been spreading its evil all over the world, even possessing the little spirits and sending the balance of peace in the forest into freefall (Taken from Atlantica Online website)

Level RequirementsEdit

This is for new players to start their adventures in Atlantica Online. The level requirement is 1, so everyone can participate in this dungeon.


Forest of SpiritsEdit

Forest of Spirits
Monster Level Attack Skill
Sky Spirit 1 40-70 None
Evil Sky Spirit 3 40-70 Flame Sphere
Hell Soldier 5 50-90 Resurrect
Hell Warrior 6 50-90 Flame Sword
Tainted Unicorn 7 55-95 None
Hell Scout (Boss) 7 70-130 None
Polluted Unicorn 9 55-95 Lightning Discharge
Evil Tree 9 67-115 Forest's Rage
Devil Tree 11 69-112 None
Mutated Tree (Boss) 12 120-187 None
Hellish Fairy (Boss) 13 200-250 Dark Flame Sphere

Forest of Spirits DepthEdit

Forest of Spirits - Depths
Monster Level Attack Skill
Red Deer 10 70-100 None



The quest chain of this dungeon is Forest of Spirits. The NPC for that is different for each city you start in, but the quest chain you start is in each case required to finish the main quest chain.