For Acknowledgment is a mercenary recruitment quest chain offered by NPC Bai Yigai to recruit Trainee Bai Yigai. The objectives focus on crafting quest items and killing mobs in Chang An Market Street and the Central Asia overworld.

In order to complete the quest, you will need [Honey]×100, [Lemon]×30, [Fusing Agent]×1, [Plain BBQ]×1, [Mushroom]×50 and [Potato]×50. These can be bought from Market.

This quest can be reset by trading [Secrets of Time: Bai Yigai]×1 with NPC Hui Chao or by choosing 'Reset' on the quest menu (Alt+L). Currently, Secrets of Time: Bai Yigai cannot be registered (thus, bought) from Market, so player will have to either craft the item or buy it directly from other players.

Quest Details Edit

Quest Edit

Quest Objective NPC Rewards Notes
3 Uncertainty in Mind Bai Yigai Answer: Diabolic