Food is one of the basic Item Types that items in Atlantica Online are categorized as.

Items of this category can be found listed under this category on the Market and in My Store.

Many Foods can be crafted. Some cannot.

Food is a category of items which are used to regenerate Health, Magic Points or give Buffs.

List of Foods Edit

Item Craftable?
Mushroom Mushroom No
Barley Barley No
Potato Potato No
Lemon Lemon No
Cucumber Cucumber No
Carrot Carrot No
Garlic Garlic No
Bean Bean No
Wheat Wheat No
Pork Pork No
Beef Beef No
Mutton Mutton No
Chicken Chicken No
Honey Honey No
Sesame-oil Sesame Oil No
Salt Salt No
Bay-salt Bay Salt No
Carp Carp No
Octopus Octopus No
Shrimp Shrimp No
Dumpling Dumpling Yes
Grilled-pork Grilled Pork Yes
Grilled-shrimp Grilled Shrimp Yes
Octopus-soup Octopus Soup Yes
Tandoori Tandoori Yes
Thali Thali Yes
Stew Stew Yes
Roasted-mushroom Roasted Mushroom Yes
Steak Steak Yes
Roasted-mutton Roasted Mutton Yes
Barley-bibimbap Barley Bibimbap Yes
Simmered-carp Simmered Carp Yes
Traditional-korean-meal Traditional Korean Meal Yes
Seafood-pot Seafood Pot Yes
Manchu-han-imperial-feast Manchu Han Imperial Feast No
Heavenly-feast Heavenly Feast No
Ambrosia Ambrosia No
Prussian-carp Prussian Carp No
Mackerel-pike Mackerel Pike No
Hairtail Hairtail No
Eel Eel No
Skate Skate No
Salmon Salmon No
Tuna Tuna No
Red-snapper Red Snapper No
Blowfish Blowfish No
Shark Shark No
Sea-bass Sea Bass No
Clownfish Clownfish No
Deep-sea-fish Deep Sea Fish No
Trilobite Trilobite No
Oriental-mushroom Oriental Mushroom No
Tai-hua-gong-s-special-dimsum Tai Hua Gong's Special Dimsum Yes
Tai-hua-gong-s-special-sauce Tai Hua Gong's Special Sauce No
Monster-egg Monster Egg No
(common)-afternoon-tea-party (Common) Afternoon Tea Party Yes
(common)-sushi-feast (Common) Sushi Feast Yes
(common)-royal-supper-feast (Common) Royal Supper Feast Yes
(common)-christmas-feast (Common) Christmas Feast No
(common)-nouvelle-cuisine-feast (Common) Nouvelle Cuisine Feast Yes
(guild)-feast-with-friends (Guild) Feast with Friends No
(guild)-feast-of-unity (Guild) Feast of Unity No
Plain-bbq Plain BBQ Yes
Rooibos-tea Rooibos Tea Yes
Meat-pie Meat Pie Yes
Lemon,-lime-and-bitters Lemon, Lime and Bitters Yes
Fish-and-chips Fish and Chips Yes
Strawberry-shortcake Strawberry Shortcake Yes
(guild)-feast-of-growth (Guild) Feast of Growth No
(guild)-feast-of-craftsmanship (Guild) Feast of Craftsmanship No
(general)-quick-grow-feast (General) Quick-Grow Feast No
Blessed-ambrosia Blessed Ambrosia No
Turkey-bbq Turkey BBQ No