The Folklorist (Brothers Grimm) is a grade A Cannon Mercenary.

The Folklorists use their knowledge of lore to twist reality. When that fails, they bombard enemies from a distance with their arm-mounted cannon.

You can have up to 1 of this mercenary.

Assessment Edit

The Brothers Grimm are an excellent merc, one of the top mercs in the game. They do high damage (both with their Cannon attack and with Musicians of Bremen, which explodes for high AoE damage) and have excellent skills, including one (Red Riding Hood) that can disable monsters, including bosses, for 2 turns.

The Brothers Grimm are expensive (to obtain and upgrade) and medium to expensive to skill up. Medium to expensive to skill up because you don't need to max all skills to high levels for them to be effective.

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Basic Attack Edit

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Upgrades Edit

Multi-Hued Soul Crystal and Multi-Hued Soul Jewel.

Class Level Requirements Str Int Dex Vit Def MDef
Folklorist 1 None 252 332 344 272 150 330
Folklorist I 20 50 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 285 375 377 326 190 330
Folklorist II 50 100 Multi-Hued Soul Crystal 326 415 429 349 210 330
Brothers Grimm 80 20 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 362 439 475 373 245 330
Brothers Grimm I 100 40 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 392 453 490 397 267 330
Brothers Grimm II 120 60 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 411 493 525 419 327 330
Brothers Grimm III 130 80 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 434 513 570 450 425 330
Brothers Grimm IV 140 80 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 456 541 652 473 525 330
Brothers Grimm V 150 80 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 492 568 683 507 598 330
Brothers Grimm VI 160 80 Multi-Hued Soul Jewel 590 670 820 608 716 330

Skills Edit


This Mercenary can use these Magic Skills:

All 3 of the Folklorist's magic skills were updated to scale with the level of the mercenary in the Perils of Avalon Update.

Mother hulda Mother Hulda Edit

Mother Hulda Heals allies and removes their Debuffs or strips enemies of their buffs.

Musicians of bremen Musicians of Bremen Edit

Attacks the enemy with a sound wave. If the caster uses a normal attack on an affected enemy, the sound wave explodes for extra damage.

Red riding hood Red Riding Hood Edit

Transforms the target into a cowardly wolf, disabling it. The effect ends if the target is attacked, but only with a direct physical attack. Magic attacks do not end the effect and even physical attacks on neighboring targets that also attack the affected target (e.g. hitting the character next to the target with an Axe or Cannon) do not end the effect. Works on bosses.

History Edit

The Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have traveled across Europe to gather stories and write them down for generations to come.

Jacob is skilled in using the cannon while his younger brother Wilhelm reads out spells from a book that has been imbued with Oriharukon.

The Folklorists use the tale of Red Riding Hood to turn a single target into a cowardly wolf, disabling them from attacking. They use the tale of Mother Hulda to heal their allies or strip enemies of helpful effects. Finally, they use Musicians of Bremen to attack an enemy continuously with a sharp sound wave. When they attack this enemy, the sound wave explodes, dealing damage to the entire formation.