Some players fishing in the water during the Halloween event.

Fishing allows a player to catch fish and other items you can fish up in Atlantica. Fishing can only be conducted at Hainan Island, near Hanoi. Caught fish may be traded in for fishing points from Albert or eaten like regular food. It is recommended to exchange caught fish for fishing points as these can be spent on rewards from Pointry.

How to FishEdit

Fishing window

The fishing window.

To catch fish, at least 1 point in the fishing action is required. It can either be crafted with the action craft or bought at the market. Various types of rods and bait are used to catch fish, but they each have level requirements that depend on the level of the fishing action in order to be used.

Once the fishing action has been obtained, the v key can be used to access the fishing window, or via the game menu (My Info -> Expression -> Action).

To perform fishing with the fishing action at least one rod and at least one piece of bait are needed, although it is recommended to have plenty of each. Both rods and bait can be crafted with the fishing craft or bought at the market.

Having obtained some rods and bait, bring them with you to Hainan Island and position yourself near the waters edge. Bring up the fishing window as described above and either click the auto button to automatically assign the rods and bait to use, or select them manually. Click the fishing button to begin fishing.

Catching FishEdit

Once you begin fishing, a piece of bait will be consumed automatically once every 30 seconds. Once the bait is consumed, the fishing attempt will either be calculated as a success or failure. In the case of a successful attempt, you will receive an item, which is usually a fish. In the case of a failed attempt the bait will be discarded, and additionally, there is small chance that the rod will break and be discarded too. Fishing continues until you run out of either rods or bait, or otherwise interrupt the fishing action.


  • Remember to select rods and bait whose level requirements are less than or equal to your fishing level.
  • Make sure you have enough free inventory space to store caught items before you begin fishing!
  • A rod breaks approximately once every 15 fishing attempts, so aim to have roughly 15 times more bait than rods with you.
  • You can start and stop fishing as much as required; bait isn't consumed until a fishing attempt completes, so no bait will be wasted.


The quality of rod determines the probability of a successful fishing attempt, as listed in the table below for each rod.

Item Fishing level Probability (est)
[Bamboo Fishing Rod] 1 50%
[Maple Fishing Rod] 30 60%
[Iron Fishing Rod] 50 70%
[Mithril Fishing Rod] 80 80%
[Adamantium Fishing Rod] 100 90%
[Titanium Fishing Rod] 120 100%


The quality of bait determines which items can be caught.

Item Fishing level Success
[Spoiled Bait] 1 47%
[Crude Bait] 30 57%
[Mediocre Bait] 50 67%
[Good Bait] 80 77%
[Best Bait] 100 87%
[Albert's Special Bait] 120 92%



The fish that can be caught with each type of bait are listed in the table below, including the fishing points for each type of fish and the probability of catching each one.

Bait Item Points Probability
[Spoiled Bait] [Prussian Carp] 1-3 60%
[Spoiled Bait] [Mackerel Pike] 2-6 40%
[Crude Bait] [Hairtail] 3-9 60%
[Crude Bait] [Eel] 4-12 40%
[Mediocre Bait] [Skate] 5-15 60%
[Mediocre Bait] [Salmon] 6-18 40%
[Good Bait] [Tuna] 7-21 60%
[Good Bait] [Red Snapper] 8-24 40%
[Best Bait] [Blowfish] 9-27 60%
[Best Bait] [Shark] 10-30 40%
Sea Bass 11-33
Clownfish 12-36

Uncommon ItemsEdit

There is a low chance of catching an uncommon item with any bait while fishing, including two high value fish.

Item Points
[Material Box (Beg)] -
[Material Box (Reg)] -
[Artisan's Material Box] -
[Craftsman's Material Box] -
[Expert's Material Box] -
[Old Treasure Box] -
[Cultural Box] -
[Pearl Oyster] -
[Deep Sea Fish] 400-600
[Trilobite] 800-1,200

Time (hours) Bait Rods
.25 30 1
.5 60 2
1 120 3
2 240 5
3 360 8
4 480 10
5 600 12
6 720 15
7 840 17
8 960 20
9 1080 22
10 1200 24
11 1320 27
12 1440 29
24 2880 58
36 4320 87
48 5760 116
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