February 9 Update - Patch Notes Edit

  • Feb. 09 2017

▷ Update Edit

AoA operation time decreases.

: Selecting a main character (60 sec → 30 sec)

: Ban Mercenaries(30 sec → 15 sec)

: Pick Mercenaries (60 sec → 20 sec)

: Choose Formation (60 sec → 20 sec)

: Duration of battle (45 sec → 25 sec)

- Discard item

: You can delete 30 items at once. (10 items → 30 items) with "Destroy" function button.

- You can now delete items with "Delete" shortcut key.

: In your inventory, Item Delete Mode is enabled with “Delete” key. After choosing items, if you press “Delete” key one more time, Item Delete Message appears.

(Press “Esc” key or close your inventory to cancel Delete Item.)

▷Event Edit

- Dark Crystal Equipment event ends. Edit

(Removal of Dark Crystal Ores)

- You cannot obtain event related items.

: You cannot obtain Dark Crystal Enhance Stone anymore, use it; nor upgrade Dark Crystal Items.

Mercenary Design Contest Edit

For more information, please read event announcement.

Valentine's Day event Edit

Start: February 9, 2017 (After the maintenance)

End : March 2, 2017 (Before the maintenance)

For more information, please read event announcement.

Some event item will be removed at the end of event.

▷Bug Fix Edit

Inventory freezing issue has been solved.