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Patch Notes - February 20, 2020[]

  • Feb. 20 2020

Greetings Atlantians!

Here comes the Patch Note for the updates today Feb 20, 2020!

Please refer to the details below

▷ Update Details

- Server Refresh

- Mystery Event

:Apparently the Queen Bee will be missing for 2 weeks and will be back to terrorize ATNA on March 5, 2020. She and her guards have received quite a beating from NA and decided to take a break. In the meantime her group will be hunting Atlantians at ATEU instead. She will be back in different location.

New Magic Skills[]

- Added 3 New Magic Skills to Odysseus mercenary

Added New Merc Skin[]

: Rin: Kimono Guardian

Added 2 New Mounts[]

: Mini - UFO

: Big Chocolate Bar

- Added 2 Decoration

: Space Booster

: Mr. Cookie Backpack

Added 2 New Collection Books[]

: Space Costume Collection

: Valentines Collection


- 50% Reduction in Merc. Skin Enhancement

- Increase Drop Rate of Event Monster

- Decrease Stats of Event Monster

AO Day Settings[]

: Feb 22 and 23

- Modified Hourly Give Away

Item Mall[]

- Space Suit Random Box

- Valentine Puzzle Piece

- New Odysseus Skill Books

: Book: Athena's Armor


: Book: Trojan Horse


: Book: Hero of Troy


- Rin: Kimono Guardian


- Remove Evil Warlord Acong

- Remove Santacong NPC

- Azure Titan's Claw Can now be registered in Collection Book

- Chocolate and Cupcake Hair Accessory can be registered in Collection Book