FREE Lv. 130 Character! Edit

  • Ended
  • Sep. 16 2015

The Mistress of the Blade has arrived, and with her she brings the powerful might of Atlantis! For a limited time, you will be able to create a FREE Lv. 130 main character to overpower all of your enemies. Find out how to claim your very own FREE Lv. 130 character below!

FREE Lv. 130 Character Event

Event Dates: Thursday, Sept. 17 - Thursday, Oct. 22

Create your Destiny Edit

Anyone can create a FREE Lv. 130 Character. To Create your FREE Lv. 130 Character, follow the steps below:

  • Log into Atlantica
  • Navigate to the Character Creation Screen
  • Click on the red FREE Lv. 130 Character button
  • Choose you Race, Class, Gender, and Appearance

Done! It's that simple to become a powerful Atlantian!
Notice: Only 1 FREE Lv. 130 Character can be created per account

Getting Started Edit

All newly created Lv. 130 Characters will begin with powerful Explorer Gear Explorer Gear has stats comparable to Evil Equipment

As a new Lv. 130 Character your journey will begin in Australia. Speak with NPC Kris to get started

NPC Kris will introduce you to powerful Lv. 130 Guard Mercenaries:

  • Sheriff Christine
  • Bounty Hunter Jessica
  • Valkyrie Morrighan
  • Vampire Carmilla
  • Taoist Jeon Woo-Chi

As you complete various FREE Lv. 130 Character quests you will earn some awesome rewards including:

  • New Atlantian Outfit
  • Title: Explorer
  • 7 Day Blessing License
  • Explorer Kit
  • So Much More!

The time is now to log-in and create your powerful FREE Lv. 130 Character! This special event will only last until Thursday, Oct. 22!

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