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Character Experience Edit

Experience is a basic stat. Each mercenary, plus the main character, has an individual experience score. As experience increases to certain points, those mercenaries increase their levels. See Leveling for more. Increasing a level adds one bonus point and one skill point.

You can increase experience gained by looting some Lucky Loot items.

Focusing Experience Edit

Turning Off Auto-Distribute EXP in Normal Combat Edit

By default, experience from killing monsters is automatically distributed among all enabled characters in your formation in both normal and TBS combat. For normal combat (this can't be changed for TBS combat), this is controlled by the Auto-Distribute EXP check box under System menu > Settings > System > Personal Settings.

If you uncheck this box, experience will be given to characters that do damage. You will be able to see the damage numbers pop up above each of your characters as they do damage. The biggest experience gain comes from killing monsters, so this can be used as a strategy for having some characters gain more and others less experience. So by making sure a newly added low level mercenary gets all or most of the kills while fighting, that mercenary will gain more experience than the rest of your team and have a chance to catch up in levels. Of course, this strategy is easiest to implement on characters that can hit multiple targets, either with a physical or magic attacks. A general, for example, can kill a full group of monsters that have already been damaged in a single magic attack using his Green Dragon Glaive AoE magic skill.

Tip: Guard Mercenaries do not gain experience. So, if you wish to prevent particular characters in your formation from gaining experience, you can turn off Auto-Distribute EXP and have Guard Mercenaries get kill shots, thus having those characters gain all or most of the experience in a fight.

Note: The ability to toggle Auto-Distribute EXP for normal combat was added in the Rise of Atlantis - Awakening update. Prior to this, all non-TBS combat experience was gained using the non-distributed way.

Using Experience Concentration Licenses Edit

Experience Concentration Licenses allow you to concentrate all experience gained while killing monsters on a single formation slot, regardless of the Auto-Distribute EXP setting. See the EXP Concentration License page for details.

For the main character experience table, see here.

Ways to obtain experience points besides killing monsters: Edit

Some of the below items are in the Diary, a list of tasks you can complete daily for bonus experience.

  • Almost all quests give a set amount of experience to all characters in the player's formation.
  • Persuade citizen to move to your guild town: requires 100% will per persuasion, the number of experience received is proportional to your guild level, your main character level, and the number of citizens you have persuaded.
  • Fighting in party: after every fight in party, your team receives your main character levelx10 experience points, and the number of experience books according to those points (800 party exp will yield 8 x 100 exp books)
  • Using experience books: 10% will per use, experience books can be obtained by fighting in party(see above), trading with Goncourt for a higher tier book, or from winning battles in Free League.
  • For three times a day when you return a quest, your formation's characters receive experience points equal to 1% of their level if the main character is at least level 95.
  • Each monster in the game has an experience statistic which relates to how many experience points are gained by killing that monster. This is the maximum that can be gained from that monster, and is scaled down as the player surpasses the level of the monster.

Crafting ExperienceEdit

The main character has crafting experience points, one for each skill that can be learned. These are found under the menu My Info -> Skills. These crafting experience points are acquired by completing personal crafting jobs, by dismantling equipment, or by the player's guild completing guild crafting jobs. Crafting experience can also be obtained by teaching crafting levels at a set rate based on the crafting level taught.

Crafting experience obtained via personal crafting is directly proportional to the workload required to craft the item as shown in the following formula:

crafting experience = workload ÷ 50

Workload can be obtained via combat, crafting books, or the Auto-Craft action. Workload obtained via combat is a function of character experience earned as follows:

workload = character experience ÷ 4

Workload obtained via crafting books is displayed on the respective book's item info or tooltip. Workload obtained via the Auto-Craft action is obtained at the following rate every few seconds:

workload = 80 + (Auto-Craft level × 20)

Crafting experience obtained via guild crafting is proportional to the player's contribution to the workload required to craft the item as shown in the following formula:

crafting experience = player's crafting contribution ÷ 100

Unlike in personal crafting, workload for guild crafting can only be obtained via combat, and only if the player does not have an active personal crafting job. If both of these conditions are met, then the player's crafting contribution follows the same formula as a personal craft. Each guild member's contribution to the most recent guild crafting job can be checked in the Crafting Contribution column of the member list in the Guild Office of any town.

Guild ExperienceEdit

Each guild has an experience statistic that determines its guild level. Guild experience is earned whenever a guild member earns character experience from any source except experience books. The formula for obtained guild experience is as follows:

guild experience = (character experience ÷ 200)

Each member's contribution to guild experience is shown in any town's Guild Office. Each member's experience earned prior to joining the guild is not counted, but experience earned by a member's main character and mercenaries is counted.