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[EVENT] Evil King J's ONSLAUGHT![]

  • Feb. 01 2019

In the Kingdom of Atlantica where the most powerful King of his Era was born named, King James IV.

At the time of his greatness, he held the most peaceful and well established Kingdom of his generation. People in the Surface World praised for being a great King. 

Then one day, an evil spirit possessed the King and bring chaos in the Kingdom of Atlantica.

One brave Knight, the Great Knight Arthur, re-unite the strongest warriors of Atlantica. After he assembles the greatest warriors of his Era. They plan to take the throne from Evil King James IV. Afterward, the bloody war began, a lot of casualties happened in the kingdom.

And then finally, Arthur and the great knights reach the throne. The King was defeated, got caught and the Evil Spirit we’re sealed by braves warriors.

Time passed by, the great knights bring peace in the Kingdom. However, there is a threat that one day the Evil Spirit will return to rule again the Kingdom.

So we are now calling our great Atlantians to participate in our event to defeat the Evil King J. Help us defeat the Evil King and bring back the peace in the Kingdom of Atlantica!



Kill all Runaway King J in the field.



February 2 to February 4, 2019

At any time, (GM will announce in the game)


Surface World of Atlantis (GM will announce in the game)