Equipment includes weapons, armor and accessories that can be worn by characters (Main Character and Mercenaries).

Armor, Pants, Helmet, Gauntlets, Shoes and Weapons are part of Equipment Sets for various levels.
Equipment +9

A seal on a +9 weapon.

See Character Information about available equipment slots for your characters.

A really nice feature of Atlantica Online over many other MMORPGs is that lots of equipment can be worn and then either traded or resold. I often hand down old equipment to my alts or resell it for gold to get better or different items.

Some equipment loses durability and will need to be repaired sooner or later.

Main Character Equipment Edit

Main characters can equip:

* Means the item is part of an Equipment Set

+ Means the item can have Sockets and Star Stones

Mercenary Equipment Edit


Mercenaries can equip:

* Means the item is part of an Equipment Set

+ Means the item can have Sockets and Star Stones

Upgrading Equipment Edit

Equipment can be upgraded to higher grades, +1, +2, ... +10 (+11 for Legendary Equipment) by using Enchanting or Enhancing.

Star Stones Edit

Some equipment can have sockets added to it and can then be upgraded using Star Stones.

Crafting and Repairing Equipment Edit

Most (but not all) equipment in Atlantica Online can be crafted by players. See the Craft page for more crafting information. The pages for individual types of equipment above list which types are craftable.

If you can craft an item, you can also repair it. See Repair for more information.

Seals Edit

Armors, accessories and weapons upgraded to +7/+8/+9 have a special seal, the which, once broken, allow the use of the equipment only by the person who broke the seal, thus also limiting their trade. They can still be sold on auction or traded, but the new owner may not use them. If an equipment that has been broken the seal then it is enchanted or enhanced to a new level (from +7 to +8 and so), the seal will be restored.

Any +10 equipment, in addition to being without seal, are even without durability, thus becoming indestructible.

To equip weapons or armor on a character, either drag and drop the item onto the character in the inventory window, or add the item to the character's inventory and right click it to replace the currently equipped item.

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