Enter the Grimm Woods Edit

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  • Jun. 03 2015

Wilhelm, the youngest of the Brothers Grimm, has always been fascinated by fairy tales: His dream has always been to create a living world of his favorite stories. After years of research, Wilhelm feels confident in his new theory to finally create a fairy tale realm. Unfortunately, Wilhelm's unfamiliarity with Oriharukon didn't prepare him for the unstable magic it creates, and The Grimm Woods are in danger of breaking into the real world! The task now falls to you, to enter the Grimm Woods and restore the order in this land of imagination!

The Grimm Woods Edit


Dungeon Release: Thursday, June 4, 2015

  • Visit the Fantastic Brothers Grimm for your quests, they will be waiting for you near the entrance of the Grimm Woods in Southern Europe
  • Complete the Fantastic Brothers Grimm quests to obtain the Grimm Key, which is needed to enter the Grimm Woods
  • Enter the Grimm Woods and complete the quest objectives to earn a Dusty Grimm Box!
  • You will be able to repeat the quest every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Dungeon Details

  • The Grimm Woods is an Individual Dungeon that consists of 1 floor
  • You must be at least Lv. 155 to enter (Lv. 165 with a party is recommended)
  • You will have 20 minutes to complete the quest objectives
  • The dungeon will have a 20 hour cooldown

Rewards Edit

Completing the dungeon and restoring order to the Grimm Woods will earn you a Dusty Grimm Box. This box will allow you to recruit the Brothers Grimm, reward you with a rare Orb, the Grimms' Magic Source, or a number of other useful items that will help you in your daily adventures.

  • +5 Grimms' Magic Source
  • Grimms' Magic Source
  • Grimms' Fairy Tales
  • Book: Red Riding Hood [I], [II], [III], or [IV]
  • Book: Musicians of Bremen [I], [II], [III], or [IV]
  • Book: Mother Hulda [I], [II], [III], or [IV]
  • Twilight Equipment Box
  • Evil Judgment Equipment Box
  • Evil Dark Pegasus Equipment Box
  • Enchanted Pegasus Equipment Box
  • Atlantis Platinum Coins
  • Atlantis Gold Coins
  • Purified Enchant Stones
  • Grimm Key

Grimm Woods Celebration! Edit

Event Dates: Thursday, June 4 - Thursday, July 2

To commemorate the opening of the Grimm Woods, we'll be hosting some buff events, and even double the rewards from completing Grimm Woods!

Grimm Woods Double Drop

Upon completion of the Grimm Woods, you'll receive an extra Dusty Grimm Box! You'll have two chances of getting the rare Grimm's Magic Source, or even the Brother's Grimm themselves!

Buff Events

Make Sure you log-in to Atlantica Online to enjoy new buffs from June 4 until July 2!

Day Buff
Mondays +50% Attack Power
Tuesdays +50% Attack Power
Wednesdays +100% Bonus Experience
Thursdays +100% Crafting Experience

+100% Workload

Fridays +100% Bonus Experience
Weekend 1

Sunday, June 7

+50% Attack Power

+200% Bonus Experience

Weekend 2

Saturday, June 13
Sunday, June 14

+50% Attack Power

+200% Bonus Experience

Weekend 3

Saturday, June 20
Sunday, June 21

+200% Crafting Experience

+200% Workload

Weekend 4

Saturday, June 27
Sunday, June 28

+1.5x Arena of Atlantis Experience