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To Enhance or Enhancing is the act of improving weapons or armor by visiting Vulcanus and using Enhance Stones.

Doing so can improve your equipment grade from +0 to +1, +2, etc., up to +10 (or +11 for Legendary Weapons).

Alternatives to upgrade gear grades is Enchanting or using Smart Robo.

Power Enhance[]

  • Using Atlas Ore or Atlas Ore (E) lets you try Power Enhancing
  • Power Enhancing has a greater chance of success than regular Enhancing
  • There is a chance to enhance up to +4 grades at once
  • If Power Enhancing fails, the grade is reduced and it will be destroyed if failed at +0 grade.
  • If Power Enhance fails, you get Lucky Points and the Power Enhancing success rate is increased by your Lucky Points
  • Lucky Points are consumed when you successfully Power Enhance, and are reset at 6am PDT every day.
  • Safe Enhancement with Atlas Ore will not reduce the item’s grade or destroy the item. Also, you will not gain or use any Lucky Points.

Safe Enhance[]

  • Safe Enhancing using Atlas Ore (E) has a greater chance of success compared to using normal Atlas Ore Safe Enhancing.
  • There is a chance to enhance up to +4 grades at once.
  • If safe enhancing fails, the grade will not be reduced.
  • It costs 10% less Atlas Ore [E] to safe enhance compared to regular Atlas.
  • It costs 20% less Atlas Ore [E] to power enhance compare to regular Atlas.

Legendary Enhance[]

  • Legendary Enhancement system allows Legendary Weapons to be enhanced from +10 to +11 (display as L)
  • You cannot use enchant stones to upgrade a weapon to +11
  • You cannot safe enhance a weapon to upgrade to +11
  • You can use enhance stones to upgrade your weapon to +11
  • You can power enhance using Atlas Ore or Lucky Enhance Stone to upgrade your weapon to +11
  • Weapons that are enhanced to Legendary grade will receive a 10% boost to their special abilities


Durability is a property of some equipment and weapons that determines how much damage it can take before becoming unusable. Successfully enhanced items have full durability and full maximum durability restored.

Some equipment and weapons do not have durability, for example +10 and legendary equipment.

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