Basic Information Edit

Enchant Boxes are the primary method of getting Enchant Stones. Each box will reward you with 1 or 2 Enchant:Armor Stones or Enchant:Weapon Stones. The box allows you to choose which you would like to receive. Beginner quality boxes reward beginner quality stones which can only upgrade armor up to level 30 gear.


Contains one of the following, chosen by the player.

Dropped by monsters

Medium[Bandit]Northeast Asia
Low[Black Bear]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Crab Soldier]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Very Low[Crab Warrior]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Medium[Crazed Fox]Northeast Asia
Low[Devil Tree]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Evil Sky Spirit]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Evil Tree]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Fallen Monk]Angor Wat 1F
Low[Female Otter]Northeast Asia
Low[Headless Punisher]Yosun Temple
Low[Headless Soldier]Yosun Temple
Very Low[Headless Warrior]Yosun Temple
Very Low[Hell Soldier]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Hell Warrior]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Low[Margo's Ace Archers]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Very Low[Margo's Archers]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Low[Margo's Bowmen]Room of The Eight Trigrams
Low[Nimble Red Deer]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Polluted Unicorn]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Low[Red Deer]Northeast Asia
Very Low[Royal Guard]Sea Palace's Main Gate
Very Low[Sky Spirit]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Very Low[Small Water Dragon]Undersea Plaza
Very Low[Sword Dancer]Sea Palace Courtyard
Very Low[Tainted Unicorn]Forest of Spirits (Hanyang)
Low[Water Dragon]Undersea Plaza
Low[Young Owl]NE Asia
Low[Young Yellow Fox]Northeast Asia