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Enchanting is a process to strengthen your equipment. The maximum grade of enchanting is +10 (+11 for Legendary Weapons). If you enchant a weapon to a certain grade, you will notice there will be a different visual effect, to see the effect you have to enchant to grade +4, +7, +10.

Follow these steps to enchant equipment. You will need:

  • 2 of the same equipment item at the same grade (e.g.: +3 Spirit Armor with +3 Spirit Armor). One of these will be sacrificed during the enchant process while the other increases by 1 level.
  • Enchant Stones of the appropriate level for the items you are enchanting. See the Enchant Stone page for details and where to get them.

If you have the materials needed, follow these steps:

  • Open The Enchant Window
  • Either Manually or Automatically assign the item to enchant and the one to sacrifice
  • Click the Enchant button and Wait

Alternatives to upgrade gear grades is Enhancing or using Smart Robo.

Enchanting vs. Enhancing[]


  • You will need 2 same items at the same grade, it means you can buy or keep crafting, with a price.
  • Enchanting will never fail.
  • You need Enchant Stones instead of Enhance Stones.
  • It can be done anywhere.
  • You have a chance to get a higher enchant than just the next grade. Sometimes, when enchanting 2 +0 items, you might get a +2 or +3 (sometimes even higher). That is when enchanting really pays off!



Durability is a property of some equipment and weapons that determines how much damage it can take before becoming unusable. Successfully enchanted items have full durability and full maximum durability restored.

Some equipment and weapons do not have durability, for example +10 and legendary equipment.

Sockets and Star Stones[]

Enchanting Judgment Boots with 3 sockets, Judgment Boots with 1 socket are sacrificed.

If you enchant items that already contain Sockets, the Sockets in the non-sacrificed item will be retained, while Sockets in the sacrifice item are lost.

If you enchant items that already contain Star Stones in its Sockets, the Star Stones in the non-sacrificed item will be retained, while Star Stones in the sacrifice item are lost.

Enchant Stone Levels[]

The Enchanting process will automatically select the correct number of Enchant Stones needed. Enchanting will never mix and match Enchant Stones of different levels, it always uses the correct number of the lowest appropriate level for the item being enchanted.

Be careful, if you do not have the correct number of the appropriate level Enchant Stones, it will automatically find any higher level Enchant Stone of which you have a sufficient number. For example, if you need 8 Enchant Stone IV and you only have 6, but you do have 8 Enchant Stone V, it will use the 8 Enchant Stone V. This can be a costly mistake, since higher level Enchant Stones are more expensive than lower level ones.

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