The Empress quest is a mercenary recruitment quest chain offered by NPC Sumi to unlock the Empress. The objectives focus on obtaining and turning in rare items from the Haunted Tatami Room Squad Dungeon, both drops and box rewards.

In order to complete the quest, you will need [Rainbow Soul Stone]×1, [Empress' Incence Pouch]×1, [Empress' Dagger]×1, [Holy Bow Case]×1 and [Evil-Slaying Arrow]×100. Obtaining these items previously, either from box rewards, other players or Market, is encouraged.

If you have all the quest items, you actually do not need to run the Haunted Tatami Room dungeon to complete the quest and get the Empress. You can save gold by doing so and doing the daily quests from NPC Daka. The Haunted Tatami Room dungeon also drops the Empress' skill books.

This quest can be reset by trading [Secrets of Time: Empress]×1 with NPC Hui Chao or by choosing 'Reset' on the quest menu (Alt+L).

Quest Details Edit

Quest Edit

Quest Title NPC Mission Rewards
1. Reincarnation Ritual I Sumi Fetch [Rainbow Soul Stone]×1 Experience: 500,000
Gold: 500,000
2. Reincarnation Ritual II Sumi Fetch [Empress' Incense Pouch]×1 Experience: 500,000
Gold: 500,000
3. Reincarnation Ritual III Sumi Fetch [Empress' Dagger]×1 Experience: 500,000
Gold: 500,000
4. Reincarnation Ritual IV Sumi Fetch [Holy Bow Case]×1 Experience: 500,000
Gold: 500,000
5. Reincarnation Ritual V Sumi Fetch [Evil-Slaying Arrow]×100 Experience: 700,000
Gold: 700,000
[Empress' Ornament]×1