Empires of Gold : Patch Notes Edit

  • Announce
  • Apr. 15 2014

New Main Character: Celestial Hunter Edit

New Hero, Celestial Hunter, has been added.

The Celestial Hunter is a bow main that can attack up to 3 opponents, one main target, and two targets who are hit with spray damage. The Celestial Hunter can be created through the character creation screen.

The Celestial Hunter is a female, and cannot change genders or appearance.

There are 4 skills that can be learned, two passive, and two active:

  • Parting Shot - A passive skill that grants a chance to fire an extra shot. Passive skills cannot be improved by charms.
  • Agile Counter - A passive skill that grants a chance to counter an enemy's physical attack with an arrow of your own. Passive skills cannot be improved by charms.
  • Piercing Arrow - Launches an arrow that drives through a column of enemies to deal massive damage.
  • Hunter's Mark - A debuff that lowers the defense of a single target.

There are 4 mercenary skills that can be learned:

  • Concentrate - A passive skill that increases melee mercenaries' attack power and recovers health every turn. Passive skills cannot be improved by charms.
  • Hwarang's Aura - A passive skill that increases long-range mercenaries' attack power and combo rate. Passive skills cannot be improved by charms.
  • Empress' Blessing - A skill that shields allies from all magic. This specialization magic can only be learned after the main character's Lv. 120 upgrade. It cannot be learned with other specialization magic.

The starting point for this Hero Class is Chichen Itza, the Forgotten City in South America.

The Celestial Hunter starts at Level 30 upon creation.

Class Change Coupon, Vial of Amnesia, and Vial of Rebirth cannot be used on the Celestial Hunter.

A Free Komodo mount (No Trade) is given to all newly created Celestial Hunters.

Celestial Hunter Base Stats:

  • Strength: 220
  • Dexterity: 360
  • Defense: 200
  • Intelligence: 270
  • Vitality: 270
  • Magic Defense: 275

New Mercenary: Quilla Edit

Quilla is an astrologer for the Inca; she views the celestial bodies to get an understanding of the past and the future through the placement of the moon, sun and stars.

There are 3 skills that can be learned, one passive and two active:

  • Star Spite - The stars avenge you by damaging enemies who attack you. Passive magic cannot be improved by charms.
  • Stellar Hunt - Unleashes massive damage on a row of enemies.
  • Celestial Venom - Damages the enemies over time. If the magic is dispelled by Holy Guard, Ocean's Blessing, or Empress' Blessing, the Celestial Rage will activate, which greatly reduces the movement of the targets.

Quilla can upgraded using Star Soul Crystals and Star Soul Jewels.

Astrologer Base Stats:

  • Strength: 180
  • Dexterity: 150
  • Defense: 132
  • Intelligence: 332
  • Vitality: 215
  • Magic Defense: 565

Quilla [VI] Base Stats:

  • Strength: 694
  • Dexterity: 643
  • Defense: 2032
  • Intelligence: 1218
  • Vitality: 617
  • Magic Defense: 565

New Mercenary: Sylvie Edit

New Mercenary, Demeian Guardian, has been added.

Sylvie is a B class, airborne cannon mercenary.

The Demeian Guardian combines Atlantian magic with Akademeian technology. A loyal servant of Prince Radiant, she is doing her part to make sure the world is safer for her people. Her Preemptive Strike spell slows down enemies by decreasing their action power, multi-hit rate, and accuracy, while Demeian Tactics passively boosts the accuracy and evasion of all nearby allies. In times of need, she can launch a Flashbang to demolish enemy action power. There are 3 skills that can be learned, all active skills:

  • Preemptive Strike - Ranged enemies suffer decreased action power, multi-hit rate, and accuracy.
  • Demeian Tactics - Demeian magic flows through your formation, boosting allies' accuracy and evasion.
  • Flashbang - Disorient your enemies with a flash of blinding light, decreasing their action power.

Sylvie can be upgraded using Dragon Soul Crystals and Dragon Soul Jewels.

Demeian Guardian Base Stats:

  • Strength: 246
  • Dexterity: 266
  • Defense: 142
  • Intelligence: 276
  • Vitality: 258
  • Magic Defense: 340

Sylvie [VI] Base Stats:

  • Strength: 555
  • Dexterity: 626
  • Defense: 698
  • Intelligence: 596
  • Vitality: 589
  • Magic Defense: 340

New Continent: South America Edit

  • New continent, South America, is now available.
  • Descendants of Atlantis and Atlantian main classes can reach South America via North America's Ancient Aztec City.
  • South America is divided into a total of 3 fields. Maya, Inca, and Amazon.
  • New towns, Mayapan, Amazon Expedition, and Cusco have been added. These towns cannot be controlled.
  • Mayapan, Amazon Expedition, and Cusco have 2.0% market tax rate.
  • Mayapan, Amazon Expedition, and Cusco all feature a Hospital, Bank, Market, Travel Agency, Town Hall, Guild Office, and Training Center. Areas of exploration are: Chichen Itza, Small Cave, Pyramid of Greed, Pyramid of Wrath, Pyramid of Pride, El Dorado, and Machu Picchu.
  • Golden Empire Defense is the new Raid found on this continent.

New Dungeon: Chichen Itza Edit

  • Chichen Itza is a Lv. 30 dungeon, and can be entered by the Celestial Hunter.
  • Chichen Itza is located in the Maya field of South America.
  • Chichen Itza holds the ancient Mayan civilization. On a peaceful day, enemies decided to attack while High Priest Cualli was alone. The city is now in danger, forcing the Celestial Hunter to join the Chichen Itza Guards in battle to protect her home.

New Dungeon: Machu Picchu Edit

  • Machu Picchu is a Lv. 38 dungeon (recommended Lv. 40), and can be entered by the Celestial Hunter.
  • Machu Picchu is located in the Inca field of South America.
  • Machu Picchu is being overrun by a vile creature calling himself the Sun God Inti, and the Oracle Mamakiria's magic is desperately needed. Help the ruler of the Incan Empire, Tupac Amaru, rescue the oracle, and restore peace to his kingdom.

New Dungeon: El Dorado Edit

  • El Dorado is a Lv. 48 dungeon (recommended Lv. 50), and can be entered by the Celestial Hunter.
  • El Dorado is located in the Amazon field of South America.
  • Queen Hippolyte, leader of the Amazons, has set her sights on the legendary city of El Dorado. Help her uncover the secrets of this Golden City which will lead you on an expedition through perilous pyramids, and finally encountering the infamous Reideran.

New Raid: Golden Empire Defense Edit

  • Enter through the Golden Empire Defense entrance from the Amazon field.
  • Golden Empire defense is a Lv. 155 raid dungeon.
  • Star's Energy, Golden Disciple, Star Soul Crystal, Star Soul Jewel, and Quilla's Magic Book can be acquired through this raid.
  • Participants of the raid dungeon will receive 5 Hero's Insignia's.
  • Hero's Insignia can be traded for other items through Heroic Aney.

New Raid: Overlord's Onslaught Edit

  • Enter through NPC Otherworld Guide in Central Asia
  • Must be Lv. 150 or higher to enter raid dungeon
  • New item, Dynasty Sword and Dynasty Shield can be obtained through the reward boxes of this raid.
  • Only 15 characters are allowed in the raid.

Personal Guard System Edit

  • This system provides 8 mercenaries so that Main Characters below Lv. 60 can play the game more smoothly.
  • The level of personal guards will increase with the main character.
  • Personal Guards cannot be upgraded or fired, and the lowest grade of the personal guard will be deleted when a new mercenary is added to your formation.
  • Personal Guards will automatically be removed through a special quest at Lv. 60
  • Personal Guards will have their own items equipped, and these items cannot be changed.
  • Personal Guards cannot have their names changed, use Growth Vials, or learns skills.

Inventory Edit

  • Inventory has been revamped.
  • Inventory's design has been changed.
  • The quick slots have changed from 5 to 10, and have been improved to be used by both main characters and mercenaries (hotkey F1-F10).
  • All inventory has now been changed so that they all belong to the main character. A 90 space inventory will be standard, even if you do not have any mercenaries.

Warehouse Edit

My Warehouse system has been added.

  • My Warehouse can be accessed from large cities and normal towns.
  • My Warehouse becomes available once you are Lv. 60.
  • There are two warehouse tabs that can be activated for 30 days.
  • The fee to activate 1 tab for 30 days is 320,000,000 gold.

Town Interface Improvements Edit

  • Town function interfaces have been revamped.
  • Titan's Outpost market has been removed.

Market Interface Improvements Edit

  • Market registration fee has been changed.
  • Fees will be used to cover the cost of village buildings.

Character Creation Slots Edit

  • Character Creation slots have been changed to 5.
  • 3 slots will be reserved for Atlantian and Descendant of Atlantis characters, and the other 2 slots will be reserved for Hero Classes.

Bug Fixes and Improvements Edit

  • Beginner quest area has been revamped.
  • Experience for some monsters in the Lv. 1 - 100 ranges have been changed.
  • Quest marking has been changed.
  • Show equipment on/off has been set to off.
    • Helm, Armor, Leggings, and Shoes will no longer be displayed, and basic character appearance will be displayed.
    • Show Helm setting cannot be used when Show Equipment has been set to off.

General Edit

  • Crafting NPC that will teach all crafting skills has been added in Mayapan.
    • All weapon crafting can be learned up to Lv. 51 from Chichen Itza Weapon Expert.
    • All armor crafting can be learned up to Lv. 51 from Chichen Itza Armor Expert.
    • All crafting with the exception of weapons and armor can be learned up to Lv. 51 from Chichen Itza Special Item Expert.
  • Cut Scenes have been added to quests lines in the Lv. 1 - 60 ranges for Atlantian and Descendant of Atlantis characters.

PvP Balancing Edit

  • Spear Main: Flame Spear's action power reduction amount has been reduced in PvP
  • Witch: Meteor Strike's damage has been increase in PvP
  • Janissary: Shooting Stance's multi-hit rate chance has been increased in PvP.
  • Hwarang: Hwarang's Fury attack power increase has been increased in PvP
  • Punisher: Power Saw Raid's damage has been increased in PvP.
  • Warlord: Demoralize's critical and multi-hit rate effects were increased.
  • Patriot: Battlefield Courage's defense was slightly decreased in PvP.
  • Viking: Freezing Axe's defense and magic defense effects were adjusted in PvP.
  • Bluetooth: Ice Ridge's defense and magic defense effects were adjusted in PvP.
  • Druid: Forest Prison's defense and magic defense effects were adjusted in PvP.

Guild Dungeon: Golden Dragon Cave has been revamped Edit

  • Broken Stalactite Key can be obtained via Pointry for 1300 Guild Points
  • Reward box has been updated
  • Can acquire materials to craft new weapon

New Axe Weapon: Merciless Grudge of Grendel Edit

Craft Axe level 131

Item Stats:

  • Min. Level: 140
  • Attack Power: 3000-5000
  • Strength: +300
  • Vitality: +275
  • Defense: 500
  • Magic: [Grendal's Roar Lv10]

New Individual Dungeon: Corrupted Hanging Garden Edit

Key: Corrupted Key

Located in Southwest Asia

Required level 130+

  • Recommended - 150+

7 Mercenary dungeon

Individual Dungeons Revamp Edit

Tower of Darkness Library has been revamped

  • 150 Min Level.
  • Dark Library Key Obtained via boss drop in Tower of Darkness Hall

Melancholy Velvet Room has been revamped

  • 150 Min Level
  • Velvet Key obtained via boss drop in Tower of Darkness Library

NPC Changes Edit

  • All craft NPC's have been moved to Artisan's Alley, they no longer wander.
  • Qasim, King of Steel Andrew, Collector Ahammad, Jules de Goncourt have been removed.
  • Independent Mercenary function from NPC Fugger has been removed.
  • Any mail from current independent mercenary’s can still be collected.

NPC Pointry Changes Edit

  • Alcatraz Key and Broken Stalactite Key are no longer mailed via Towns, and can now be obtained via Pointry.
  • 2 New feasts have been added
  • Guild Feast of Growth - 2000 Guild Points
  • Guild Feast of Craftsmanship - 4000 Guild Points
  • Items have been removed from Pointry
    • Guild Points – All Elements have been removed
    • Guild Points – All Enchantment Stones have been removed
    • Battle Points – All Equipment Boxes have been removed
    • Battle Points – Warrior’s Sign, Hero’s Blood and Gilgamesh Sword Shard have been removed
    • Battle Points – Merc. Room License (7 days) and Auto-Battle License (7 days) have been removed.

AT Mileage Points Added ==

  • Referrer/Collection/Mount/ Mentor/Goncourt will be merged into AT Mileage Points.
  • Merging Points Merging Ratio
    • Referrer Points 1:1
    • Mentor Points 5:1
    • Mount Points 1:1
    • Collection Points 15:1
    • Goncourt Points 15:1
  • Obtain various buff effects by using AT Mileage
  • AT Mileage points can be redeemed every Tuesday and Thursday at Blessed AT Goddess at the Plaza in Rome
  • AT Mileage points are reset every Thursday between 6:00 am and 7:00 am.