Elements of War - IncursioEdit

  • Update
  • May. 30 2012

New TBS Dungeon: MajapahitEdit

  • Three types of Majapahit TBS missions have been added.
  • Rakiran Kuti's Rebellion: Minimum Lv. required to enter: Lv. 75, recommended Lv. 85
  • Call to Arms: Minimum Lv. required to enter: Lv. 85, recommended Lv. 95
  • Sumpah Palapa: Minimum Lv. required to enter: Lv. 95, recommended Lv. 105
  • You can enter the new TBS missions through NPC [Commander Mahard] located in Majapahit.

Raid Dungeon: LabyrinthosEdit

Special Labyrinthos Introduction:Edit

  • Raid Dungeon: Labyrinthos has been added.
  • You can enter the new Raid Dungeon through NPC [Minotaur King's Phantom] located in the Rome Arena
  • Labyrinthos has two difficulty levels: normal (Lv.110) / hard (Lv.135).
  • Up to 15 Squad members can enter and participate in the Raid.
  • When entering, players will need 10 TBS points; for repetitive use, 30 additional points will be required.
  • Reward items that are given upon successful completion of the raid dungeon can be obtained through the raid reward system that has been newly added.
  • The raid reward system displays the Dice Bidding System window to the Squad members. This window displays when an item is being rolled for, the roll number of all squad members, and the items won.
  • 30 seconds of bidding time is given per item, and the item will be automatically given to the character who gets the highest number from rolling the dice. (If the inventory is full, the item will be mailed.)
  • Player cannot forfeit or leave the dungeon while bidding on an item, and should she/he leave the Squad the dice score will not be reflected in the successful bid results.
  • In the raid dungeon, players can obtain the following new items: [Minotaur Axe], [Wratheater Minotaur Axe], and [Minotaur King Statue].
  • [Minotaur Axe] and [Wratheater Minotaur Axe] activates [Volcanic Eruption] magic at a set rate when performing a physical attack, continuously dealing damage and reducing the target's Vitality.
  • By placing the [Minotaur King Statue] in My Home, the [Minotaur King's Flames] magic will activate at a set rate when battling monsters, dealing wide range damage on enemies.
  • Labyrinthos related quests have been added.
  • Players can receive the quest from NPC [Frightened Pasiphae] in Rome Arena and can participate if they are lv. 110 or above.


  • [Gaja Mada, a Hero] quest has been added to Northeast Asia.
  • Majapahit Empire's military leader Gaja Mada receives a report about a rebellion, and commands a foreign mercenary to safely escort King Jayanegara out of the area. Join Gaja Mada in defeating the rebels who are threatening the safety of Majapahit!
  • Go to Majapahit and talk to NPC [General Gaja Mada]. The level restriction is 95.
  • Changes to Action Power, increase in skill damages and the changes to the Requiem spell will be applied in all forms of combat. Other changes are applied to the Competition Leagues only.
  • [Gaja Mada, a Hero] quest will be reset every Thursday.


  • Players can now use the market and bank in Titan server town as well.
  • The location of [Delusional Ninja] and [Controlled Ninja] will no longer come in conflict with the map.
  • Service fee is the same as other uncontrollable towns. (Rome, Chang An, etc.)
  • A function has been added to change the join and auto-battle status to active/inactive in [[[Formation]] Info].
  • Main Character upgrade magic tooltip has been revised.
  • Description for specialization magic has been revised for the Encyclopedia.
  • Message displayed when a Nation Member presses the Give Up button in a Nation dungeon without the Give Up option has been revised.
  • Option to Give Up in Nation Dungeon is only available for the King and the Guild Leader.